Valgaften (Election Night) (1998)

Original Title : Valgaften
Director : Anders Thomas Jensen
Writer : Anders Thomas Jensen
Genre : Short
Country : Denmark
Language : Danish
Producer : Kim Magnusson , Tivi Magnusson
Music : Jeppe Kaas
Photography : Jens Schlosser
IMDB ID : 0189179
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poster for "Valgaften (Election Night)" by Anders Thomas Jensen (1998)
Valgaften (Election Night) (1998) - Anders Thomas Jensen


Ulrich Thomsen Peter
Jens Jørn Spottag Carl
John Martinus Taxi Driver 2
Ole Thestrup Taxi Driver 1
Farshad Kholghi Taxi Driver 3
Hella Joof Woman
Mikkel Vadsholt Bartender
Nicolas Bro Man
Thomas Milton Walther Taxi Driver 4


On election night we meet Peter, an idealistic young man, who suddenly discovers he has forgotten to vote. On his way to the polls he encounters a variety of taxi drivers, all racist in their way and Peter has to decide whether to stand up for his convictions or getting to the polls on time.


The third time is the time of luck... The Oscar-winning Danish short-film of Kim Magnusson and Anders Thomas Jensen is their third short-film to be nominated to an Oscar. It is, as always, an ironic film about a very heavy subject. The Danish mentality is the keyword in this fantastic short-film. Don´t miss it for anything in the world.