Nashville (1975)

The Home of Country Music

Original Title : Nashville
Director : Robert Altman
Writer : Joan Tewkesbury
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Robert Altman , Scott Bushnell , Robert Eggenweiler , Martin Starger , Jerry Weintraub
Music : Arlene Barnett
Jonnie Barnett
Karen Black
Ronee Blakley
Gary Busey
Keith Carradine
Juan Grizzle
Allan F. Nicholls
Dave Peel
Joe Raposo
Photography : Paul Lohmann
IMDB ID : 0073440
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Nashville (1975) - Robert Altman


David Arkin Norman
Barbara Baxley Lady Pearl
Ned Beatty Delbert Reese
Karen Black Connie White
Ronee Blakley Barbara Jean
Timothy Brown Tommy Brown
Keith Carradine Tom Frank
Geraldine Chaplin Opal
Robert DoQui Wade Cooley
Shelley Duvall L. A. Joan
Allen Garfield Barnett
Henry Gibson Haven Hamilton
Scott Glenn Pfc. Glenn Kelly
Jeff Goldblum Tricycle Man
Barbara Harris Albuquerque
David Hayward Kenny Fraiser
Michael Murphy John Triplette
Allan F. Nicholls Bill (as Allan Nicholls
Dave Peel Bud Hamilton
Cristina Raines Mary
Bert Remsen Star
Lily Tomlin Linnea Reese
Gwen Welles Sueleen Gay
Keenan Wynn Mr. Green
James Dan Calvert Jimmy Reese
Donna Denton Donna Reese
Merle Kilgore Trout
Carol McGinnis Jewel
Sheila Bailey Smokey Mountain Laurel
Patti Bryant Smokey Mountain Laurel
Richard Baskin Frog
Jonnie Barnett Himself
Vassar Clements Himself
Sue Barton Herself
Elliott Gould Himself
Julie Christie Herself
Thomas Hal Phillips Hal Phillip Walker (uncredited
Gailard Sartain Man at Lunch Counter (uncredited


In the wake of JFK's assassination, under the shadow of the Vietnam war, an independent presidential candidate is running, bold and cheap, under the banner of the Replacement Party: their unbelievable platform includes banning lawyers from Congress and re-writing the national anthem. This uncanny Perot-like figure is never seen, but his campaign wagon blares out rambling, pre-recorded speeches as it lumbers through the film unnoticed. The backdrop is Music City, the characters a myriad and hero- less cross-section of America. The lone foreigner is a delightfully insufferable reporter from BBC whose aimless monologues provide a delicious, satirical counterpoint to the deadpan delivery of Director Altman's artfully directed, but chaotic ensemble scenes.


Scattershot satire at least unveils one terrific new talent Robert Altman's sprawling put-down of the Capitol of Country Music features a headache-inducing amount of overlapping dialogue recorded in a fuzzy, pseudo-documentary manner. Add to that an over-abundance of "colorful" characters and muddy cinematography, and "Nashville" almost self-destructs before the second-half. Thank God then for some really fine performances by Henry Gibson(as a Conway Twitty-type), Lily Tomlin, Shelley Duvall and Keenan Wynn(in the film's most moving sub-plot), Gwen Welles as a would-be singer who ends up stripping, and Ronee Blakely(as a Loretta Lynn-type). Who could forget Ronee's breakdown in front of an outdoor audience, her sanity slowly slipping away as she babbles on happily about "The Wizard Of Oz". Otherwise, film is DATED, ugly, sour, and very very shrill. I remember reviews of it in 1975 were downright split between glorious and hateful. I fall somewhere in the middle, I guess. You simply can't fault a film that begins with a commercial of it's own soundtrack(clever...almost too clever), not to mention a vehicle for the talents of Blakely, who never got this kind of chance ever again.
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Nashville (1975) - Robert Altman
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Nashville (1975) - Robert Altman
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Nashville (1975) - Robert Altman
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Nashville (1975) - Robert Altman