Chambre 666 (1982)

Original Title : Chambre 666
Director : Wim Wenders
Genre : Documentary
Country : France
Language : Multilingual
Producer : Chris Sievernich
Music : Bernard Herrmann
Jürgen Knieper
Photography : Agnès Godard
IMDB ID : 0083727
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Chambre 666 (1982) - Wim Wenders


Michelangelo Antonioni Himself
Maroun Bagdadi Himself
Ana Carolina Herself
Mike De Leon Himself
Jonathan Demme Himself
Rainer Werner Fassbinder Himself
Jean-Luc Godard Himself
Romain Goupil Himself
Yilmaz Güney Himself
Monte Hellman Himself
Werner Herzog Himself
Robert Kramer Himself
Paul Morrissey Himself
Susan Seidelman Herself
Noël Simsolo Himself
Steven Spielberg Himself
Wim Wenders Himself


During the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, Wenders asks a number of film directors from around the world to get, each one at a time, into a hotel room, turn on the camera and sound recorder, and, in solitude, answer a simple question: "What is the future of cinema?".
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140 x 241
Chambre 666 (1982) - Wim Wenders