Chambre 666 (1982)

Original Title : Chambre 666
Director : Wim Wenders
Genre : Documentary
Country : France
Language : Multilingual
Producer : Chris Sievernich
Music : Bernard Herrmann
J├╝rgen Knieper
Photography : Agn├Ęs Godard
IMDB ID : 0083727
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Chambre 666 (1982) - Wim Wenders


┬Michelangelo Antonioni Himself
┬Maroun Bagdadi Himself
┬Ana Carolina Herself
┬Mike De Leon Himself
┬Jonathan Demme Himself
┬Rainer Werner Fassbinder Himself
┬Jean-Luc Godard Himself
┬Romain Goupil Himself
┬Yilmaz G├╝ney Himself
┬Monte Hellman Himself
┬Werner Herzog Himself
┬Robert Kramer Himself
┬Paul Morrissey Himself
┬Susan Seidelman Herself
┬No├źl Simsolo Himself
┬Steven Spielberg Himself
┬Wim Wenders Himself


During the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, Wenders asks a number of film directors from around the world to get, each one at a time, into a hotel room, turn on the camera and sound recorder, and, in solitude, answer a simple question: "What is the future of cinema?".
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140 x 241
Chambre 666 (1982) - Wim Wenders