Rocky VI (1986)

Original Title : Rocky VI
Director : Aki Kaurismäki
Writer : Aki Kaurismäki
Genre : Short
Country : Finland
Language : Music Only
Producer : Jaakko Talaskivi
Photography : Timo Salminen
IMDB ID : 0091865
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poster for "Rocky VI" by Aki Kaurismäki (1986)
Rocky VI (1986) - Aki Kaurismäki


Heinäsirkka Igor
Matti Pellonpää Rock'y


Definitely not to be confused with any of Sylvester Stallone's efforts, this is a wicked satire on 'Rocky IV', in which Rocky takes on the monolithic Russian fighter Igor - and loses. Kaurismäki describes the film as "my revenge on Mr.Stallone, who I think is an asshole".


music video pummels Stallone's "Rocky" Rocky VI (or ROCK'Y, as the film title has it) is an amusing b/w send-up in music video form. It begins with the main character eating gruel and a title "I HAVE A DREAM" and concludes with him being carried out on a stretcher draped in a US flag. The lyrics "You want money - you want cars - you want sex - whattya want next" are heard as cronies are blowing smoke rings and weightlifting is going on. His opponent Igor (who has the bushiest eyebrows I've ever seen)shoves the referee shortly after arriving in the ring. He punches "Rock'y" out of the ring on their first contact, knocks him out multiple times, and throws him out of the ring in the first round. At the end of the fight "Rock'y" is unable to stand on his own and Igor pummels the referee out of the ring. I am somewhat bemused that *45* people have given this film short a "1" rating, first of all because Kaurismaki is not all that well-known a filmmaker (although his work is critically acclaimed), and secondly because his short films are not that easy to find. Methinks something is rotten in Scandanavia - or wherever these votes originate.