Fleur du Mal, La (2003)

Original Title : Fleur du mal, La
Director : Claude Chabrol
Writer : Claude Chabrol
Caroline Eliacheff
Louise L. Lambrichs
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Yvon Crenn , Marin Karmitz
Music : Matthieu Chabrol
Photography : Eduardo Serra
MPAA Rating : Rated R for brief language.
IMDB ID : 0322289
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poster for "Fleur du Mal, La" by Claude Chabrol (2003)
Fleur du Mal, La (2003) - Claude Chabrol


¬Beno√ģt Magimel Fran√ßois Vasseur
¬Nathalie Baye Anne Charpin-Vasseur
¬M√©lanie Doutey Mich√®le Charpin-Vasseur
¬Suzanne Flon Aunt Line
¬Bernard Le Coq G√©rard Vasseur
¬Thomas Chabrol Matthieu Lartigue
¬Henri Attal Fanny's Father-in-law
¬Kevin Ahyi First Kid
¬J√©r√īme Bertin Volunteer
¬Fran√oise Bertin Th√©r√®se
¬Caroline Baehr Fanny
¬Didier B√©nureau Brissot
¬Yvon Crenn Yves Pou√ęt
¬Jean-Marc Druet Lab Assistant
¬Michel Herbault Mayor
¬Edmond Kastelnik First Election Official
¬Marius de Laage Second Kid
¬Isabelle Mam√®re Journalist
¬Juliette Meyniac H√©l√®ne
¬Fran√ois Maistre Jules
¬Jean-Pierre Marin Second Election Official
¬Mich√®le Dascain Marthe
¬Dominique Pivain Dominique
¬L√©a Pellepaut Drugstore Saleswoman
¬Val√©rie Rojan G√©rard's Secretary


All in the family Claude Chabrol must have been very uninspired when he decided to bring this boring number to the screen. It doesn't help that he and Caroline Eliacheff must have been speaking a different language. One wonders if they thought they had a movie out of the material they assembled together. This is at best a poor French soap opera with no sense of direction. Better luck next time M. Chabrol.