Madame Bovary (1991)

Original Title : Madame Bovary
Director : Claude Chabrol
Writer : Claude Chabrol
Gustave Flaubert
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Marin Karmitz
Music : Matthieu Chabrol
Maurice Coignard
Photography : Jean Rabier
IMDB ID : 0102368
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poster for "Madame Bovary" by Claude Chabrol (1991)
Madame Bovary (1991) - Claude Chabrol


¬Isabelle Huppert Emma Bovary
¬Jean-Fran√ois Balmer Charles Bovary
¬Christophe Malavoy Rodolphe Boulanger
¬Jean Yanne M. Homais
¬Lucas Belvaux Leon Dupuis
¬Christiane Minazzoli Widow Lefancois
¬Jean-Louis Maury Merchant Lheureux
¬Florent Gibassier Hippolyte
¬Jean-Claude Bouillaud Monsieur Rouault
¬Sabeline Campo Felicite
¬Yves Verhoeven Justin
¬Marie Mergey Charles Bovary's Mother
¬Fran√ois Maistre Lieuvain
¬Thomas Chabrol Vicomte
¬Phillippe Abitol Maltre Hareng
¬Gilette Barbier Natasie
¬Dominique Cl√©ment Madam Homais
¬Olga Colin Maitre Guillaumin
¬Julien Dubois Hivert
¬William Cl√©ment M√®re Roler
¬Claude Pascadel Dr. Canivet
¬Aleksandr Vatkovic Blind Man
¬Jacques Dynam Abbe Bournisien
¬Fran√ois P√©rier R√©citant/Narrator (voice
¬Pierre Vielhescaze Serviteur Au Mariage (uncredited


In nineteenth-century France, the romantic daughter of a country squire (Emma Rouault) marries a dull country doctor (Charles Bovary). To escape boredom, she throws herself into love affairs with a suave local landowner (Rodolphe Boulanger) and a law student (Leon Dupuis), and runs up ruinous debts. This film version closely follows Flaubert's novel and includes most of the famous scenes, such as the wedding, the ball, the agricultural fair, the operation on the clubfoot, and the opera in Rouen.


Over-economical screenmake of a literary classic Just finished watching this film on VHS after a long search of London libraries. Disappointed, but first the good stuff... Huppert does the soul-wrent-in-twain-through-moral-confusion well. The others in the cast are unknown to me but do a better job than on the made for TV version (BBC 2002) simply because they are French (don't live day to day with ironing boards for spines). The costuming is beautiful - this is important to twist the knife as Emma's debt becomes incommutable. The bad stuff - the direction. Or lack of it. La Ceremonie is the only Chabrol film I can remember worth seeing, this film is not as bad as the recent zzz-worth Merci pour le Chocolat... there's French filmmaking and there's unabashed pretension and that film is the latter. The continuity in Bovary is sloppy as is the sound editing (although Chabrol's brother's score's OK). The final straw is Huppert's inability to find some of the naivete that is so engaging in, say, Heaven's Gate. The latter part of the film is good - it's as if her scheming to avoid the fate she is preparing for herself increases the fall she succumbs to. But at the beginning, she's the same character... there's no preparation for a transformation. And WHY - WHY OH WHY does this production insist on white sub-titles? It's such a cheap error! 5/10... buy lots of popcorm.