Partie de Plaisir, Une (1975)

Original Title : Une partie de plaisir
Director : Claude Chabrol
Writer : Paul Gégauff
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Music : Pierre Jansen
Photography : Jean Rabier
IMDB ID : 0072342
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poster for "Partie de Plaisir, Une" by Claude Chabrol (1975)
Partie de Plaisir, Une (1975) - Claude Chabrol


Paul Gégauff Philippe
Danièle Gegauff Esther
Clemence Gégauff Elsie
Paula Moore Sylvia Murdoch
Michel Valette Katkof
Giancarlo Sisti Habib
Cécile Vassort Annie
Mario Santini Rosco
Pierre Santini Michel
Jean-Christophe Queff François
Aurora Maris Louise
Henri Attal) 
Jean Cherlian 
Alain David 
Isabelle Del Rio 
Tony Lipizzi 


Phillipe and Esther live an apparently idyllic life with their daughter, Elise. In an attempt to preserve this bliss, Phillipe decides that he and Esther should each have affairs, being sure to tell each other openly about them. The plan backfires with tragic results as Phillipe becomes engulfed in jealously.


One of cinema's least lovely characters. Although from his great mid-period of domestic murder mysteries, UNE PARTIE DE PLAISIR is closer to Chabrol's later L'ENFER in its study of repressive, destructive male egotism.This virtually plotless film is almost impossible to watch, as we follow an unappealing, 'cultivated', bully humiliate and grind down his lover.His dictating of her life and sexual activity is a sublimation of his flagging power as he reaches middle-aged impotence. Engimatic treatment of class and professional status too. Very much like Varda's LE BONHEUR, as a real-life couple in charming pastoral settings set to civilised classical music play out nasty fable. Whether the story turns into a Bressonian study of redemption is unclear.