Soigne ta droite (1987)

Original Title : Soigne ta droite
Director : Jean-Luc Godard
Writer : Jean-Luc Godard
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Photography : Caroline Champetier
IMDB ID : 0094002
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Soigne ta droite (1987) - Jean-Luc Godard


Jane Birkin La cigale (as Mademoiselle Birkin
Dominique Lavanant La femme de l'amiral (as Mademoiselle Lavanant
Pauline Lafont La golfeuse (as Mademoiselle Lafont
Eva Darlan La passagère (as Mademoiselle Darlan
Isabelle Sadoyan La grand-mère (as Mademoiselle Sadoyan
Carina Barone L'Américaine (as Mademoiselle Baronne
Catherine Houssay La première hôtesse (as Mademoiselle Houssay
Anny Seneque La seconde hôtesse (as Mademoiselle Seneque
Eloïse Beaune La maman (as Mademoiselle Beaune
Laurence Masliah L'amoureuse classique (as Mademoiselle Masliah
Agnès Sourdillion La campeuse (as Mademoiselle Sourdillon
Melissa Chartier La petite fille (as Mademoiselle Chartier
Valérie Morat La femme de chambre (as Mademoiselle Morat
Jacques Villeret L'individu (as Monsieur Villeret
François Périer L'homme (as Monsieur Périer
Michel Galabru L'amiral (as Monsieur Galabru
Rufus Le policier (as Monsieur Rufus
Jean-Luc Godard L'idiot et le prince (as Monsieur Godard
Philippe Khorsand Le passager (as Monsieur Khorsand
Philippe Rouleau Le golfeur (as Monsieur Rouleau
Raphaël Delpard L'homme d'affaires (as Monsieur Delpart
Jean-Pierre Delamour Le stewart (as Monsieur Delamour
Jean Grécault Le français moyen (as Monsieur Grécault
Bruno Wolkowitch L'amoureux classique (as Monsieur Wolkowitch
Marc Labrousse La campeur (as Monsieur Labrousse
Jacques Pena Le papa (as Monsieur Pena
Guy Moeson Le noir
Kader Kada L'Arabe (as Monsieur Kader
Catherine Ringer Herself (as Les Rita Mitsouko
Fred Chichin Himself (as Les Rita Mitsouko


Moi moi moi Don't you hate self-obsessed writers, directors and stars? Perhaps not after this. Jean-Luc Godard is all three in a wry drama looking very close to home. The lead character, y'see, is an annoyingly perfectionist film-maker determined to wring every last drop of the finest performance possible from his stars. No lengths are too long for this guy as he begs his players to put their souls into their performances. Perhaps it's an overdue, overwrought apology to the actors he's worked with, but Godard fashions a watchable, knowing drama. If you liked "Living In Oblivion", this is a good companion piece: it's not always the case that troubles are anyone's fault but the director's.
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Soigne ta droite (1987) - Jean-Luc Godard
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Soigne ta droite (1987) - Jean-Luc Godard