Mistons, Les (1958)

Original Title : Mistons, Les
Director : François Truffaut
Writer : Maurice Pons
François Truffaut
Genre : Family
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Robert Lachenay
Music : Maurice Leroux
Photography : Jean Malige
IMDB ID : 0050714
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poster for "Mistons, Les" by François Truffaut (1958)
Mistons, Les (1958) - François Truffaut


Gérard Blain Gerard
Michel Franois Voice
Bernadette Lafont Bernadette Jouve
Alain Baldy Kid (uncredited
Henri Demaegdt Kid (uncredited
Dimitri Moretti Kid (uncredited
Daniel Ricaulx Kid (uncredited


During the hot summer, 5 kids, "Les Mistons", spy on two lovers. They follow Gerard and Bernadette everywhere. Les Mistons send a suggestive postcard to Bernadette once Gerard is away. But a newspaper learn to all of them that Gerard just died by accident.


Truffaut's start One of the best moments in the great short comes when Truffaut pays homage to/rips off the Lumiere short L'arroseur Arrose, involving one of the "mistons" stepping on a gardener's hose, causing him to get squirted in the face. Truffaut isacknowledging the French film heritage he will have to respect and continue, and he seems to have done pretty nicely. The short was recently put on video with another wonderful short, Antoine &, Colette, which continues the adventures of Antoine Doinel a few years after The 400 Blows, as he falls and fails in love. The tape/DVD is worth seeking out