Diaboliques, Les (The Devils (US), The Fiends (UK)) (1955)

The Great Suspense Film That Shocked the World... And Became A Classic.

Original Title : Diaboliques, Les
Director : Henri-Georges Clouzot
Writer : Pierre Boileau
Henri-Georges Clouzot
Jérôme Géronimi
Frédéric Grendel
René Masson
Thomas Narcejac
Genre : Mystery
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Henri-Georges Clouzot
Music : Georges Van Parys
Photography : Armand Thirard
Distributor : Cinedis [fr]
IMDB ID : 0046911
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poster for "Diaboliques, Les (The Devils (US), The Fiends (UK))" by Henri-Georges Clouzot (1955)
Diaboliques, Les (The Devils (US), The Fiends (UK)) (1955) - Henri-Georges Clouzot


Simone Signoret Nicole Horner
Véra Clouzot Christina Delasalle
Paul Meurisse Michel Delasalle
Charles Vanel Alfred Fichet, private detective
Jean Brochard Plantiveau, the groundsman
Pierre Larquey Mr. Drain, a teacher
Michel Serrault Mr. Raimond, teacher
Thérèse Dorny Madame Herboux
Noël Roquevert Mr. Herboux
Yves-Marie Maurin Moinet, a schoolboy
Georges Poujouly Soudieu, a schoolboy
Georges Chamarat Dr. Loisy
Jacques Varennes Professor Bridoux
Robert Dalban Gas station attendant
Jean Lefebvre Drunk soldier
Camille Guérini as Camille Guerini
Jacques Hilling 
Aminda Montserrat 
Jean Témerson Valet (as Jean Temerson
Jean-Pierre Bonnefous De Gascuet
Michel Dumur Ritberger (uncredited
Johnny Hallyday Pupil (uncredited
Henri Humbert Patard, a schoolboy (uncredited
Roberto Rodrigo Jose, a schoolboy (uncredited


The wife and mistress of a sadistic boarding school headmaster plot to kill him. They drown him in the bathtub and dump the body in the school's filthy swimming pool... but when the pool is drained, the body has disappeared - and subsequent reported sightings of the headmaster slowly drive his 'killers' (and the audience) up the wall with almost unbearable suspense...


A Great Thriller - See It As Soon As You Can "Les Diaboliques" has one of the best plots you will ever find in any mystery or suspense thriller.The excellent directing, acting, and writing combine with the story itself to make it a memorable experience. If you enjoy quality mysteries or thrillers, you will almost certainly enjoy this one - and if you have not seen it yet, you might just want to buy or rent it now, before you read any more reviews.This comment will avoid any discussion at all of the actual plot itself, because the less you know in advance, the more you will enjoy it.The few implausible elements in the story do not detract at all from the enjoyment. A great plot does not all by itself make a good movie, and everything works especially well here because of the expert pacing by director Henri-Georges Clouzot and good, mostly understated acting by the main actors.We are drawn into their world very nicely.Everything about the characters and events is built up perfectly, to give the brilliant climax its full effect.Once again, see it before you find out any more. Even if you do not normally watch black-and-white films or foreign movies (this is in French), if you enjoy thrillers, watch "Les Diaboliques" as soon as you have the chance.
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500 x 371
Diaboliques, Les (The Devils (US), The Fiends (UK)) (1955) - Henri-Georges Clouzot
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327 x 475
Diaboliques, Les (The Devils (US), The Fiends (UK)) (1955) - Henri-Georges Clouzot
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409 x 557
Diaboliques, Les (The Devils (US), The Fiends (UK)) (1955) - Henri-Georges Clouzot