Boudu Sauvé des Eaux (1932)

Original Title : Boudu sauvé des eaux
Director : Jean Renoir
Writer : René Fauchois
Jean Renoir
Albert Valentin
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Jean Gehret , Michel Simon
Music : Léo Daniderff
Photography : Léonce-Henri Burel
Marcel Lucien
IMDB ID : 0022718
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Boudu Sauvé des Eaux (1932) - Jean Renoir


Michel Simon Boudu
Charles Granval Edouard Lestingois
Marcelle Hainia Emma Lestingois, his wife
Severine Lerczinska Anne-Marie Chloe, his maid
Jean Gehret Vigour
Max Dalban Godin
Jean Dasté The Student ('Youth'
Jane Pierson Rose
Georges D'Arnoux Wedding Guest
Régine Lutèce The Sleepy Poet


Boudu, a tramp, jumps into the Seine. He is rescued by Mr Lestingois, a gentle and good bookseller, who gives shelter to him. Mrs Lestingois and the maid Anne-Marie (Mr Lestingois' mistress) are far from delighted, for Boudu is lazy, dirty and salacious...


Great little early Renoir film "Boudu Saved From Drowning" is hardly one of the director's masterworks (though I have seen it on critics' Top Ten lists that excluded "Rules of the Game" and "Grand Illusion") but it is a fine little film in its own right. The story of the scruffy tramp (Michel Simon in a role quite similar to his in "L'atalante") who is adopted by a wealthy book store owner after the book seller saves him from from drowning himself. Instead of being grateful for the rescue Boudu couldn't care less and makes a genuine mess of his host's home and seduces the man's wife and maid (whom the book seller is also sleeping with on the side). The film is well photographed, employing the deep-focus photography and smooth camera movement that Renoir would later go on to perfect. Though "Boudu's" satire is not as sharp as that of "Rules" it is much less malicious. This film is out of print in any video format, but hopefully a good re-issue print will find its way back into circulation.
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Boudu Sauvé des Eaux (1932) - Jean Renoir