Elena et les hommes (1956)

Original Title : Eléna et les hommes
Director : Jean Renoir
Writer : Jean Renoir
Jean Serge
Genre : Drama
Country : Italy
Language : French
Music : Joseph Kosma
Photography : Claude Renoir
IMDB ID : 0049177
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Elena et les hommes (1956) - Jean Renoir


Ingrid Bergman Elena Sokorowska
Jean Marais Général François Rollan
Mel Ferrer Henri de Chevincourt
Jean Richard Hector, ordonnance de Rollan
Juliette Gréco Miarka, la gitane
Pierre Bertin Martin-Michaud
Dora Doll Rosa la Rose
Frédéric Duvallès Gaudin
Renaud Mary Fleury
Jacques Morel Duchêne
Albert Rémy Buchez
Léo Marjane La chanteuse de rue
Magali Noël Lolotte
Jean Claudio Lionel
Mirko Ellis Marbeau
Jacques Hilling Lisbonne
Jacques Jouanneau Eugène Godin
Elina Labourdette Paulette
Olga Valéry Olga
Gérard Buhr Un soldat
Georges Hubert Isnard
Rodolfo Lodi Le domestique d'Elena
Gaston Modot Le chef des bohèmiens
Liliane Ernout Le cafetier
Yves Thomas Une promeneuse
Charles Dolfus Une soubrette de Rosa (uncredited
René Berthier (uncredited
Jean-Claude Brialy Extra (uncredited
Lyne Carrel (uncredited
Jaque Catelain (uncredited
Yvonne Dany (uncredited
Hubert de Lapparent (uncredited
Paul Demange Un spectateur (uncredited
Pierre Duverger (uncredited
Corinne Jansen (uncredited
Léon Larive Le domestique d'Henri (uncredited
Robert Le Béal Le docteur (uncredited
Palmyre Levasseur (uncredited
Michèle Nadal Denise Godin (uncredited
Jean Ozenne Le représentant du gouvernement (uncredited
Louisette Rousseau (uncredited
Simone Sylvestre Une amie d'Henri (uncredited


Polish countess Elena falls in love to a Frensh radical party's candidate, a general, in pre world war I Paris, but another officer pines for her. Polish Princess Elena (Ingrid Bergman) believes she was born to be the guardian angel of great causes and great (undiscovered) men. It is only when men need her that she is interested in them and she abandons them when they have accomplished their goals in life. She encounters Henry de Chevincourt (Mel Ferrer) who introduces her to General Francois Rollan (Jean Marais), who has just been nominated to become Minister of War. The General is bait for some conniving politicians who wish to turn the hero into a dictator. They take advantage of a current political trial and the resulting war scare to engineer a coup d'etat which is meant to catapult the General into leadership. Rollan lets himself be taken in because he is in love with Elena who is in league with the plotters. Meanwhile, Henry, also in love with Elena, is hanging around on the sidelines.


Has its (few) moments There is one really great scene in this movie....the ocean of people at the Bastille Day Celebration and the movement of the crowd through its waves. This scene, and the overall color and details of costumes make this movie worthwhile. And of course there's Ingrid Bergman, whose beauty and poise (even when a little tipsy) is always watcheable. (She is really unique in her era.....have you ever seen or heard of her persona being vamped by any contemporary drag queens....can't be done, I'll wager). The rest of the movie tries to be madcap and michievous, but it just doesn't work. I'm amazed at reading the plot description THAT'S what it was supposed to be about! Sure lost me.
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Elena et les hommes (1956) - Jean Renoir