Je T'Aime, Je T'Aime (1968)

Original Title : Je t'aime, je t'aime
Director : Alain Resnais
Writer : Alain Resnais
Jacques Sternberg
Genre : Sci-Fi
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Mag Bodard
Music : Jean Dandeny
Jean-Claude Pelletier
Photography : Jean Boffety
IMDB ID : 0063152
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poster for "Je T'Aime, Je T'Aime" by Alain Resnais (1968)
Je T'Aime, Je T'Aime (1968) - Alain Resnais


Claude Rich Claude Ridder
Olga Georges-Picot Catrine
Anouk Ferjac Wiana Lust
Alain MacMoy Le technicien qui vient chercher Ridder
Vania Vilers Le technicien-chauffeur
Ray Verhaeghe Le technicien aux souris
Van Doude Jan Rouffer, le chef du centre de recherches de Crespel
Yves Kerboul Le technicien au tableau noir
Dominique Rozan Le médecin de Crespel/Doctor Haesserts
Annie Bertin La jeune femme à la trompette
Jean Michaud Le directeur de la maison de diffusion
Claire Duhamel Bernard Hannecart
Sylvain Dhomme L'homme qui invite Ridder à dîner
Irène Tunc Marcelle Hannecart
Alan Adair Un inspecteur écossais (as Allan Adair
Gérard Lorin Le dentiste
Annie Fargue Agnès de Smet, la jeune femme qui sait dire non
Marie-Blanche Vergnes La fille du tramway et des escaliers/Young woman (as Marie-Blanche Vergne
Jean Martin Un responsable d'édition
Jean-Louis Richard L'homme du wagon-restaurant
René Bazart Un éployé d'édition
Carla Marlier Nicole
Jacques Doniol-Valcroze Le responsable d'édition (as Jacques Doniol
Pierre Motte L'homme aux faux papiers
Ben Danou Le médecin du rêve
Yvette Etiévant Germaine Coster, la confidente au bureau rest of cast listed alphabetically Michèle Blondel .... Une secrétaire
Billy Fasbender Un employé d'édition
Pierre Barbaud Levino, le technicien à lunettes (uncredited
Hélène Callot L'infirmière de la clinique (uncredited
Michel Choquet L'homme au masque (uncredited
M. Floquet (uncredited
Georges Jamin Le chirurgien de la clinique (uncredited
Francis Lacassin Un responsable d'édition (uncredited
Ian MacGregor (uncredited
Michèle Manceaux Une invitée de la réception (uncredited
Guylène Péan Une jeune femme dans un bar (uncredited
Jean Perre Un rédacteur flamand (uncredited
François Regis-Bastide L'hôte de la réception (uncredited
Alain Robbe-Grillet L'attaché de presse (uncredited
Catherine Robbe-Grillet La secrétaire du responsable d'édition (uncredited
Jean-Claude Romer Un invité de la réception (uncredited
Jorge Semprún Un invité de la réception (uncredited
Alain Tercinet Un invité de la réception (uncredited
Bernard Valdeneige Un responsable d'édition (uncredited
Georges Walter Un responsable d'édition (uncredited


Recovering from an attempted suicide, a man is selected to participate in a time travel experiment that has only been tested on mice. A malfunction in the experiment causes the man to experience moments from his past in a random order.


The Most Clever, Thrilling, Styled, 'French for Good' Filmed Biography Ever. This film's a landmark in french sci-fi. To be honest, french sci-fi can almost be summarized in 'La Jetée', 'Paris n'existe pas' (don't even try to find this one...) and 'Je t'aime, Je t'aime'. Watch the last to catch a glimpse of the process in which Resnais can create a powerful masterpiece out of nothing. The plot's rather simple, a neuropathed mood man (Claude Ridder) who tried to commit suicide is selected by a secret organisation in order to experiment a very dangerous and quite hopeless travel, a journey in his own past. If you ever experienced resnais' border lined cinema, you'll obviously understand that this movie will not use the same old usual vision of time travel, (basically 'where and when' HG Wells stuff ) Formally, try to see it as a sequel of emotional paintings of the hero's past life (more than 150 sequences from 2 seconds to 2 minutes, which may or may not have links between them), about the life which he and his accidentally past away wife Catrine tried to built in the late 60's in Paris. A forced introspection by the most violent and merciless way to revive key moments of his life (re-live them as they happen is the scientific purpose but why not re-live them mixed up with his subjectivity ? How great is the strengh of our past on the present when we have the opportunity to change it ? This film's also about weakness of memories in front of memory's complexity) brought by an organic space machine would of course make the travel more difficult than it is for his companion, an academical white mouse which allow itself to sneak into his past. Human perception of the so-called reality, our ability to create new ones every morning and every time 'self-interrogation about memory and memories' comes from the bottom of forgetfulness to the present moment to change our view on events are described in such a unique and powerful aesthetic way that this piece of cinematograph makes 'Je t'aime, Je t'aime' an unique experiment as 2001 is and will be. No less.