Summer Of Sam (1999)

It Was A Time They'd Never Forget

Original Title : Summer of Sam
Director : Spike Lee
Writer : Victor Colicchio
Michael Imperioli
Spike Lee
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jeri Carroll-Colicchio , Michael Imperioli , Jon Kilik , Spike Lee
Music : Terence Blanchard
Photography : Ellen Kuras
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong graphic violence and sexuality, pervasive strong language and drug use.
IMDB ID : 0162677
Official site :
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Summer Of Sam (1999) - Spike Lee


┬John Leguizamo Vinny
┬Mira Sorvino Dionna
┬Jennifer Esposito Ruby
┬Adrien Brody Richie
┬Michael Rispoli Joe T
┬Bebe Neuwirth Gloria
┬Saverio Guerra Woodstock
┬Patti LuPone Helen
┬Brian Tarantina Bobby Del Fiore
┬Al Palagonia Anthony
┬Ken Garito Brian
┬Joe Lisi Tony Olives
┬Spike Lee Reporter John Jeffries
┬Darielle Gilad Debbie Cadabra
┬Mike Starr Eddie
┬Anthony LaPaglia Detective Lou Petrocelli
┬Roger Guenveur Smith Detective Curt Atwater
┬Ben Gazzara Luigi
┬Arthur J. Nascarella Mario
┬James Reno Crony
┬John Savage Simon
┬Jimmy Breslin Jimmy Breslin
┬Michael Badalucco David Berkowitz
┬Lucia Grillo Chiara
┬Nelson Vasquez Officer Cruz
┬Michael Harper Raygun
┬Jessica Galbreath Fire
┬Evan Cohen Bite
┬George Tabb Spider
┬Michael Imperioli Midnight
┬Victor Colicchio Chickie
┬Peter Maloney Detective Timothy Dowd
┬Christopher Wynkoop Sam Carr
┬John Turturro Harvey the Black Dog (voice
┬Ernie Anastos Anchorman
┬Jim Jensen Anchorman (as Harold 'Jim' Jensen
┬Melba Tolliver Anchorwoman
┬Phil Rizzuto Yankee Broadcaster (voice
┬Reggie Jackson Himself
┬Danielle Burgio Woman in Car
┬Lisa France Woman in Car
┬Peter Epstein Chuckie
┬Jill Stokesberry Rose
┬Joseph Lyle Taylor Ron
┬Kim Director Dee
┬Bill Raymond Father Cadilli
┬Mildred Clinton Italian Woman at Murder Site
┬Emelise Aleandri Italian Woman at Murder Site
┬Michael Sorvino Bowler in Diner
┬Phil Campanella 2nd Bowler at Diner
┬William H. Burns Officer
┬Ernest Mingione Officer
┬Frank Fortunato Doorman
┬Dan Zappin Simon's Male Friend
┬Murielle Arden Simon's Female Friend (as Murielle Cohen
┬Christina Kolbe Simon's Female Friend
┬Charlotte Colavin Neighbor
┬Clayton J. Barber Punk
┬Joie Lee Bed Stuy Woman Interviewed
┬Rome Neal Bed Stuy Man Interviewed
┬Mark Breland Bed Stuy Man Interviewed
┬Susan Batson Bed Stuy Woman Interviewed
┬Evander Holyfield Man in Riot
┬Toneda Laiwan Dot (Atwater's Girlfriend
┬Janet Paparazzo Young Woman Shot by Son of Sam outside Apartment (Victim
┬Jodi Michelle Pynn Young Woman Shot by Son of Sam outisde Apartment (Victim
┬Jennifer Badger Woman in Car (Victim
┬Jeff DeRocker Man in Car
┬Nick Oddo Husband
┬Damien Achilles Wounded Man (Victim
┬Joanne Lamstein Woman in Car (Victim
┬Gabriel Barre Johnny Nasso
┬Tara McNamee Woman Victim on College Campus (Victim
┬John Michael Brown 'L.E.S. Stitches' Band Singer
┬Damian Branica 'L.E.S. Stitches' Band Bassist
┬Lorne Behrman 'L.E.S. Stitches' Band Guitarist
┬Curtis Gove 'L.E.S. Stitches' Band Guitarist
┬James Baggs 'L.E.S. Stitches' Band Drummer
┬Rozie Bacchi Brian's Girlfriend
┬Grace DeSena Joe T's Girlfriend
┬Zoe Bournelis Anthony's Girlfriend
┬Ashleigh Gloss Princess
┬Frank Cadilac Patty (Man with Weird Eyes
┬Daniel J. Courtenay Guitar Store Owner
┬Michael Prozzo Rocco
┬Kathryn Hud Rocco's Girlfriend
┬Antonio Torres Man Pulled from Car
┬Pamela Wehner Lady at Block Party
┬Dionna Colicchio Girl at Block Party
┬Victoria Galasso Girl at Block Party
┬Danielle Tutelian Girl at Block Party
┬John Martucci Extra
┬Mario Macaluso Italian Chef
┬Andrew Lasky Officer Cruz's Partner
┬Richard Paul Detective with Decoy Dummy
┬Ray Carlson Crime Scene Cop
┬Alexander J. Vega Bouncer
┬Steven Croft Limo Driver
┬Mary Jo Todaro Lady in Window
┬Jacqueline Margolis Lady in Window
┬Iris Alten Lady in Car Window
┬Valerie Mazzonelli Lady with Dog
┬Hal Sherman Arresting Detective
┬Nicholas Brown Young Detective Petrocelli rest of cast listed alphabetically Kevin Coyle .... Protester
┬Jeffrey Hoffman Club Dancer
┬Jack Brickhouse Himself (1954 World Series Announcer
┬Howard Cosell Himself (1977 World Series Announcer
┬Keith Jackson Himself (1977 World Series Announcer
┬Michael J. Meyers Detective (uncredited
┬Michelle Rodriguez Extra (uncredited
┬Kevin Craig West Man in Barber Shop (uncredited


All of the events of the infamous New York City summer of '77 (mainly, but not exclusive to, the Son of Sam killings) are seen mostly through the eyes of Vinny, a philandering Bronx hairdresser. Until that summer, Vinny sees himself as king of the old neighborhood--he's a disco king, drives a nice car, has the respect of his old buddies, and is married to a beautiful woman who seemingly doesn't know of his affairs. However, during that important summer, his world slowly falls apart. Two things happen early on that will permanently change his life. First, he believes he had a near-fatal run-in with the Son of Sam while "parked" with his wife's cousin. Next, his old best friend Ritchie returns to the old neighborhood as, of all things, a punk rocker. As the events of that summer slowly unfold, Vinny ultimately loses his wife, his job, and the respect of his old buddies. The movie concludes with Vinny's betrayal of Ritchie, whom the other neighborhood buddies suspect is the Son of Sam.


intriguing disappointment Spike Lee's "Summer of Sam," like most of his films, emerges as an intriguing but, nevertheless, regrettable failure.Using as his background the long, hot summer of 1977, when the serial killer known as the Son of Sam held New York City in the grip of terror, Lee spins a tale of drug abuse, infidelity and violence among a group of Italians living in a Bronx neighborhood.Unfortunately, Lee's meandering take on the subject robs it of much of its potential drama as he searches for a focal point that will make it compelling to the audience.He only occasionally succeeds and that is when he concentrates on the two lead characters:Vinny, whose deep religious convictions and sincere devotion to his wife cannot compel him to resist his womanizing compulsions, and Dionna, his beautiful but longsuffering wife, who suspects his infidelities and desperately struggles to satisfy Vinny's strong sexual needs but who runs up against the roadblock of her husband's strange misapprehension about what exactly constitutes the extent of marital relations.Vinny, in particular, as he struggles against the demons that plague him and the guilt they impose on him, suggests a complexity of character that makes him a compelling center for this otherwise sprawling story. Unfortunately, many of the subsidiary characters, who surround these two and keep pulling us away from them, emerge as little more than ethnic and sexual stereotypes, from the neighborhood mob boss (Ben Gazarra) to the loving-father drug dealer to the punk rock iconoclast to the local flaming "fairy."Not even strong performances by a game cast can infuse these roles with the depth and humanity necessary to justify their inclusion in the film. Stylistically, this film is much less visually flashy than previous Lee works with less elaborate camerawork and only the occasional near-subliminal quick cuts (used to convey memories) to distract us.Lee should, also, have avoided at all costs the temptation to cast himself as an on-site news reporter.Even more egregiously, why oh why did Lee feel compelled to visualize literally (through animatronics) the demon dog that Berkowitz reportedly cited as the motivation for his crimes actually barking out instructions to the crazed psychopath? The risk in these docudramas is that the moviemakers will not be able to match, in their narrative, the compelling nature of the actual events upon which they are based.Lee's film is no exception, for just as the killer is captured, the fictional side of the story resolves itself in a flurry of heavy handed "Ox Bow Incident" melodramatics, scarcely credible even for a cadre of characters as lacking in common sense as these are."Summer of Sam" is notable for the performances of John Leguizamo and Mira Sorvino in the central roles, its disco-drenched soundtrack and its letter-perfect recreation of a particular moment in recent American history.What a shame, then, that the film never really coheres into a satisfying whole.
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Summer Of Sam (1999) - Spike Lee
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Summer Of Sam (1999) - Spike Lee
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Summer Of Sam (1999) - Spike Lee
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Summer Of Sam (1999) - Spike Lee