Joyride (1995)

Original Title : Joyride
Director : Jim Gillespie
Genre : Thriller
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Angus Lamont
Photography : Denis Crossan
IMDB ID : 0239078
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poster for "Joyride" by Jim Gillespie (1995)
Joyride (1995) - Jim Gillespie


Very tense, very dark and very enjoyable A man is called out to inspect a remote electricity pylon and, once he finds the problem is minor, he heads home. As he drives home he comes across an injured man lying the middle of the road, but when he gets out to help he finds it is a trap and he is knocked out by a second man hiding in the hedges. He wakes up in the boot of his own car, tied up and heading who knows where. I don't know who Kate Ogborn is but, as executive producer, she has produced many of the short films that I have seen in the past few years. She is not on the IMDb credits for this film (meaning that she has done other work that IMDb doesn't have) but I saw her name on the credits as this ended. I would like to meet her because this is yet another strong short that she has been involved in and also appears to be the break through that gave Gillespie the chance to make 'I know what you did last summer'. The plot, as with many shorts, is simple and not fully explained, suffice to say that, if there is a message, it is a dire warning against procrastination! The film moves very quickly and is very tense and enjoyable with moments of violence, brief cliff hangers and an ending that is dark but enjoyable at the same time. I didn't know any of the cast but they all do well in their various roles, in particular the lead actor who is a very sympathetic character and allows us to get right into the film without much build up. Overall this is a great short film and should be seen by the (sadly large) numbers of people who look down their nose at short films as something not worth their time. It is dark, it is fast paced and is very enjoyable. Darkly comic without being funny this is well worth tracking down –, it may not be a great film but it is a good example of what shorts are generally used for –, quick, punchy calling cards as to what those involved can do.