Home (1998)

Original Title : Home
Director : Morag McKinnon
Genre : Short
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Hannah Lewis , Russel Anderson
Photography : Kenneth Simpson
IMDB ID : 0200716
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poster for "Home" by Morag McKinnon (1998)
Home (1998) - Morag McKinnon


ÂRussell Anderson producer


Surprisingly amusing and emotional A young male council worker goes through his daily grind of following up complaints and problems.On his way he finds some weird cases that start with blind twins who need to sort out their tenancy with the council following the death of their mother.At the end of his day he investigates a smell and encounters a violently angry man who is not all that he seems. On the surface this is a film about a council worker's adventures, and on that level alone I enjoyed it quite a bit having spent 2 years with a department of EHO's (environmental health officers) in a local council.The things they get called out are just as weird as the events here!However beyond this is another level that is quite touching.As the title suggests this is about home –, the homes that the EHO goes into.We never see him in his own home and he seems to be take into each home he goes to and, even when he is assaulted or threatened, he seems to learn something or bond with the residents in some way. I'm sure there is a deeper meaning to the film that I missed but the final (and majority of the film) segment seems to be about looking past people's surface behaviour and seeing the motives behind their actions.The action in the final section is unpredictable and surprisingly moving.It is well brought out by both actors. The direction is good and the mix of shots is interesting, even the shots inside the council houses are good –, making a hole of a home look interesting (albeit for gothic sort of reasons!)Overall this was a good short and I was left with a feeling that I hadn't got a grip on everything it was trying to say so I shall be going back to watch it again, and you should too.