Telling Lies (2001)

Original Title : Telling Lies
Director : Simon Ellis
Writer : Simon Ellis
Genre : Short
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Simon Ellis
IMDB ID : 0120858
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poster for "Telling Lies" by Simon Ellis (2001)
Telling Lies (2001) - Simon Ellis


Tim Cunningham 
Juliet Jones 
Sarah Tutt  


After going off with a different woman and leaving his girlfriend in the club, a young man is awoken in the afternoon with a call from his mother and then his girlfriend. As the protagonists talk to each other, their thoughts are displayed as text on the screen. Although the idea sounds slightly corny, and it has been done before in a range of different ways, this short still manages to be witty and quite clever. Part of it's appeal is it's sheer simplicity and it's pace. The plot doesn't really matter in terms of who did what to who, but it is good to see the true meaning behind the words being spoken. Like I said, hardly unique but it still manages to work. The fast, slick pace to the film serves to cover over the fact that the film is really a little old hat. The film is genuinely funny at times and made me laugh out loud a couple of times. The animation is pretty basic, but the words move very fast across the screen and alter colour fast to the point where you barely get a chance to take it in when the words on screen are different form the words you hear. The plot ain't great but it works well enough for what it does.