THX 1138:4EB (1970)

Original Title : THX 1138:4EB
Director : George Lucas
Writer : George Lucas
Genre : Sci-Fi
Country : USA
Language : English
Photography : F.E. Zip Zimmerman
IMDB ID : 0062331
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poster for "THX 1138:4EB" by George Lucas (1970)
THX 1138:4EB (1970) - George Lucas


┬Dan Natchsheim 1138
┬Joy Carmichael 7117
┬David Munson 2222
┬Marvin Bennett 0480
┬Marvin Bennett 0480


The story is set in a futursitic society somwhat similar to George Orwell's 1984. People are identified by 4 digit numbers rather than names and all their movements are under constant scrutiny via computerized cameras. The story revolves around one man (1138) trying to escape from the system. The number of the leader of this society is 0000.


THX 1138:4EB is an impressive little film. The film's plot is the stripped down core of the feature film made by Lucas several years later of the same name. It is amazing what Lucas has achieved at a student level. The locations are amazing. The editing and sound are great. Lucas achieves a future world with so little. By the way, you can get this movie on DVD.