Légy, A (The Fly) (1980)

Original Title : Légy, A
Director : Ferenc Rofusz
Country : Czechoslovakia
Language : Sound Effects only
IMDB ID : 0081040
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poster for "Légy, A (The Fly)" by Ferenc Rofusz (1980)
Légy, A (The Fly) (1980) - Ferenc Rofusz


A fine day in the life of a fly presented completely from the fly's point of view. A fine day until something dreary happens, that is.


This short, an Oscar winner, is an exceptionally detailed effort that can be a bit unsettling at first (particularly for anyone who has problems with depth-perception), but is a fascinatingly drawn and meticulously constructed animation and is a must-see if you like animation. Fortunately, it is currently in-print. Most highly recommended.