Five Feet High and Rising (2000)

Original Title : Five Feet High and Rising
Director : Peter Sollett
Writer : Peter Sollett
Genre : Short
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Eva Vives , Emma Wilcockson
Photography : Peter Sollett
IMDB ID : 0240507
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poster for "Five Feet High and Rising" by Peter Sollett (2000)
Five Feet High and Rising (2000) - Peter Sollett


¬Carlos Santiago Carlos
¬Judy Marte Amanda
¬Daniela Rivera Amanda's friend
¬Mari de Jesus Girl in pool (as Marivette de Jesus
¬Victor Rasuk Victor
¬Donna Maldonado Donna
¬Michelle Vega Donna's friend
¬Aaron Gonzalez Aaron
¬Darrell Williams Aaron's friend
¬Hector Vazquez Hector
¬Erica Moncayo Singer No. 1
¬Francesca Santiago Singer No. 2
¬Shaolin Santiago Singer
¬Chris Rodriguez Boy with Bat
¬Frank Malloy IV Drummer


Victor, a twelve year-old boy growing up on New York City's Lower East Side experiences what growing up is all about.


Tea and Sympathy on the Lower East Side An achingly clueless young man gets his first kiss from a slightly older slightly wiser girl. Young and inarticulate teens on NYC's lower east side struggle with those first stirrings of desire. They are almost entirely clueless but desperate to appear experienced and cool to each other. It's fascinating how their studied attitudes get in the way of the affection that they all so clearly need and want.