Bottomless Cup, The (2000)

Original Title : Bottomless Cup, The
Director : Paul Bonner
Genre : Short
Country : USA
Language : English
IMDB ID : 0196400
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poster for "Bottomless Cup, The" by Paul Bonner (2000)
Bottomless Cup, The (2000) - Paul Bonner


Paschal Fowlkes Carl
Aysha Quinn The Waitress
Johnathon Schaefer Jukebox Man
Jonathan Smit Jack


Carl's been driving through the night, and when radio preachers can't keep him awake, he pulls over and goes into the Liberty Diner. All the customers turn and stare at him. He sits down at a corner table, asks the indifferent waitress if he can still order breakfast, and he wants coffee. She suggests 'the bottomless cup.' He orders it. One customer plays the same song repeatedly on the jukebox, the others keep staring. After the Tex-Mex breakfast and several cups of java, when Carl's ready to hit the road, complications arise. Can he finish what he started? Is there liberty at the Liberty Diner?


good This film is pretty good.Anyway it's pretty weird and that's probably the reason I like it since my life revolves around the bizarre.A man falls asleep at the wheel and goes into a diner to order coffee as a remedy. He orders a bottomless cup and it seems the name isn't just a clever title. This film has a sort of creepy twilight zone feel.One of the better short films I've seen.This film is one of those that just sort of stops.It ends abruptly with no real resolution.