Pulp Fiction (1994)

Girls like me don't make invitations like this to just anyone!

Original Title : Pulp Fiction
Director : Quentin Tarantino
Writer : Quentin Tarantino
Roger Avary
Quentin Tarantino
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Lawrence Bender , Danny DeVito , Richard N. Gladstein , Michael Shamberg , Stacey Sher , Bob Weinstein , Harvey Weinstein
Photography : Andrzej Sekula
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong graphic violence and drug use, pervasive strong language and some sexuality.
IMDB ID : 0110912
Official site :
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Pulp Fiction (1994) - Quentin Tarantino


┬Tim Roth Pumpkin (Ringo
┬Amanda Plummer Honey Bunny (Yolanda
┬Laura Lovelace Waitress
┬John Travolta Vincent Vega
┬Samuel L. Jackson Jules Winnfield
┬Phil LaMarr Marvin
┬Frank Whaley Brett
┬Burr Steers Roger
┬Bruce Willis Butch Coolidge
┬Ving Rhames Marsellus Wallace
┬Paul Calderon Paul
┬Bronagh Gallagher Trudi
┬Rosanna Arquette Jody
┬Eric Stoltz Lance
┬Uma Thurman Mia Wallace
┬Jerome Patrick Hoban Ed Sullivan
┬Michael Gilden Phillip Morris page
┬Gary Shorelle Ricky Nelson
┬Susan Griffiths Marilyn Monroe
┬Eric Clark James Dean
┬Joseph Pilato Dean Martin
┬Brad Parker Jerry Lewis
┬Steve Buscemi Buddy Holly
┬Lorelei Leslie Mamie van Doren
┬Emil Sitka Hold Hands You Lovebirds (archive footage
┬Brenda Hillhouse Butch's mother
┬Christopher Walken Capt. Koons
┬Chandler Lindauer Young Butch
┬Sy Sher Klondike
┬Robert Ruth Sportscaster
┬Rich Turner Sportscaster
┬Angela Jones Esmarelda Villalobos
┬Don Blakely Wilson's trainer
┬Carl Allen Dead Floyd Wilson
┬Maria de Medeiros Fabienne
┬Karen Maruyama Gawker
┬Kathy Griffin Herself
┬Venessia Valentino Pedestrian/Bonnie Dimmick
┬Linda Kaye Shot woman
┬Duane Whitaker Maynard
┬Peter Greene Zed
┬Stephen Hibbert The Gimp
┬Alexis Arquette Man
┬Quentin Tarantino Jimmie Dimmick
┬Harvey Keitel Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe
┬Julia Sweeney Raquel
┬Julia Sweeney Raquel
┬Dick Miller Monster Joe
┬Ani Sava Woman in bathroom


Jules and Vincent work as hitmen for crime boss Marcellus Wallace. Wallace is currently dealing with Butch Collidge, a boxer who failed to throw a fight after taking Wallace's money and is now planning to flee the city, but can't leave his father's watch behind. Vincent faces some problems of his own when Wallace asks him to show his wife Mia a good time while he's away. Some of these people redeem themselves and some don't, and all meet an end appropriate to their choices.


several unusual tales going on all at the same time I loved this madcap yarn about 2 hitmen for the mob, a mobster's nutty girlfriend, a punch drunk boxer, and 2 ineffective bandits. The story was told in flashback form, a technique that I have always found interesting. The lives of all the players criss-cross with each other forming a collection a mini-stories guaranteed to captivate the viewer. Unusually done film, very entertaining.
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668 x 1000
Pulp Fiction (1994) - Quentin Tarantino
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580 x 816
Pulp Fiction (1994) - Quentin Tarantino
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531 x 727
Pulp Fiction (1994) - Quentin Tarantino
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1076 x 1528
Pulp Fiction (1994) - Quentin Tarantino
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Pulp Fiction (1994) - Quentin Tarantino