Seafarers, The (1953)

Original Title : Seafarers, The
Director : Stanley Kubrick
Writer : Will Chasen
Genre : Documentary
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Lester Cooper , Alexander Pietrzak
Photography : Stanley Kubrick
IMDB ID : 0045130
Official site :
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poster for "Seafarers, The" by Stanley Kubrick (1953)
Seafarers, The (1953) - Stanley Kubrick


Dan Hollenbeck Narrator


Stanley Kubrick's first feature made in color. Lost for over 40 years! The documentary extolls the benefits of membership to the Seafarers International Union.


I love this film No...I don't love it because it is a great film.I love it because it shows what a young artist, who has true vision can accomplish when given a "hack" job to do.Once you get past the static "talking head" beginning of the film, you are definitely in "Stanley Kubrick Country". You have to see this film for two things in particular: -The wonderful, long dolly shot...OF FOOD in the union commissary (what is THIS doing in an industrial film). -The repeated shots of the board where the seafarers have their jobs posted (am I the only one that thought this board looked a heck of a lot like the "brain room" in 2001?). Lots of great film artist have done work that is beneath them to put food on the table (i.e. half of Buñuel's Mexican output, Welles' "The Stranger", The 30 or so "quota quickies" Michael Powell made before he directed "The Edge Of The World").These films should be judged for what they are. Are they good examples of their (sometimes denigrated) genres? As an industrial film, "The Seafarers" is definitely one of the best I have ever seen.8/10