Filles uniques (2003)

Les conneries, on les fait ensemble (ou on les fait pas)

Original Title : Filles uniques
Director : Pierre Jolivet
Writer : Pierre Jolivet
Simon Michaël
Genre : Comedy
Tagline: Les conneries, on les fait ensemble (ou on les fait pas)Plot Summary: After a shoplifter finds herself unexpectedly released on parole, she pays a call on the judge at her flat... (more)
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Frédéric Bourboulon , Christine Gozlan , Alain Sarde
Music : Serge Perathoner
Jannick Top
Photography : Pascal Ridao
IMDB ID : 0336432
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poster for "Filles uniques" by Pierre Jolivet (2003)
Filles uniques (2003) - Pierre Jolivet


Sandrine Kiberlain Carole
Sylvie Testud Tina
Vincent Lindon Adrien
François Berléand Mermot
Roschdy Zem Malek
Francis Leplay Philippe Jean
Julien Cottereau Le greffier
Thierry Perkins-Lyautey Cyser
Philippe Fretun Le procureur
Albert Dray Avocat Mermot
Jean-Chrétien Sibertin-Blanc Le psychopathe
Laurent Poitrenaux Le dragueur café
Wilfried Romoli L'homme tatoué
Yasmine Belmadi Le jeune beur
Lyes Salem L'avocat jeune beur
Laurentine Milebo Samia
Sophie Pincemaille Copine Tina
Eliane Auroy Réceptionniste Palais de la Femme
Luc Sonzogni Le maître-nageur
Olivier Nanteau Avocat Cyser 1
Olivier Nanteau Avocat Cyser 1
David Brel Serveur restaurant
Eric Moreau Un gendarme (uncredited


After a shoplifter finds herself unexpectedly released on parole, she pays a call on the judge at her flat. The judge, Carole Rewinsky, does not tell Tina that her elease was only a clerical error. The two find they share things in common other than the judicial system, like a mutual interest in shoes. Carole allows Tina to crash on her chesterfield... Carole spots a pimp trolling for young girls at a café. Carole failed to put him away the last time, but now, with Tina agreeing to be the bait, she has a chance for better luck... The two find they complement one another well, like champagne and cassis. Carole needs to go to Annecy to crack a crooked casino case. Annecy happens to be Tina's home town...


Sibling Revelry The translation of filles uniques can be tricky for the non-French speaker as it means literally only girls in the sense of only children as in 'she is an only child'.With that out of the way we're looking at a very enjoyable romp albeit formulaic - two people from diametrically opposed worlds who somehow forge an alliance, think 'Outrageous Fortune' and you'll get the idea.Everyone involved is on top of their game and if one questions the waste of Vincent Lindon in little more than a cameo role we still savor the class he brings to the party.Richard Dreyfus lookalike Francois Berleand turns in his usual reliable schtick and a good time is had by all.