Ariel (1988)

Original Title : Ariel
Director : Aki Kaurismäki
Writer : Aki Kaurismäki
Genre : Comedy
Country : Finland
Language : Finnish
Producer : Aki Kaurismäki
Music : Esko Rahkonen
Rauli Somerjoki
Taisto Tammi
Photography : Timo Salminen
IMDB ID : 0094675
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poster for "Ariel" by Aki Kaurismäki (1988)
Ariel (1988) - Aki Kaurismäki


Turo Pajala Taisto Olavi Kasurinen
Susanna Haavisto Irmeli Katariina Pihlaja
Matti Pellonpää Mikkonen
Eetu Hilkamo Riku
Erkki Pajala Miner
Matti Jaaranen Assaulter
Hannu Viholainen Helper
Jorma Markkula prikkamies
Tarja Keinänen Woman at port
Eino Kuusela Man on beach
Kauko Laalo Rooming house manager
Jyrki Olsonen Man in rooming house
Esko Nikkari Car dealer
Marja Packalén Judge
Mikko Remes Prison doctor
Tomi Salmela Guard
Reijo Marin Guard
Heikki Salomaa Guard
Veikko Uusimäki Mayor
Esko Salminen Thug
Hannu Kivisalo Doorman
Pekka Wilen Laivuri
Sakari Kuosmanen (voice


The movie tells the story of Taisto Kasurinen, a finnish coal miner whose father has just committed suicide and who is framed for a crime he did not commit. In jail, he starts to dream about leaving the country and starting a new life. He escapes from prison but things don't go as planned...


After Seeing Ariel, I Will Die A Happy Man When I first saw Ariel (A), at the beginning of the nineties, maybe three years after it was first released, it blew me away.At the time I had gone through a long streak of awful "alternative" movies, the last one having been Atom Egoyan's "The Adjuster",I was totally depressed and fed up with cinema in general since all the movies around seemed to be either generic Hollywood block busters or equally generic "intellectual" time wasters -- "The Adjuster" being a perfect example of the latter category.When I left the cinema after having seen A, I had tears of joy in my eyes, thinking: "thank god, I do not have to give up going to the cinema after all". Ariel is exactly the movie I wish I had made, very cool, funny, stylish, engaging, romantic, hard core, subtle.I have seen it many times since, it has become my all - time favourite, desert - island movie.Of course there are other good movies around, but few which match its quality, and none of them changed my outlook on cinema the way A did.Other Kaurismäkis movies I have seen and loved are "MacBeth", "I Hired A Contract Killer", "La vie de bohème", "Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö" ("The Match Factory Girl"), "Juha",the Leningrad Cowboy flicks were OK, but not really my cup of tea. Anyway, I have a small anecdote I want to get off my chest:shortly after seeing A I was talking with a couple of co - workers about movies, and a friend of mine said:"the other day I saw the best movie ever, it's called Ariel, it blew me away, I haven't washed my eyes since", etc.I thought, wow, I would have never thought that she would like that movie, but there you go, truly good movies just have a universal appeal.Only years later did I find out that she had been talking about not Kaurismäkis' masterpiece but Disney's "Arielle -- The Little Mermaid".,-)