Bleak Moments (1971)

Original Title : Bleak Moments
Director : Mike Leigh
Writer : Mike Leigh
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Les Blair
Music : Mike Bradwell
Photography : Bahram Manocheri
IMDB ID : 0066842
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Bleak Moments (1971) - Mike Leigh


Anne Raitt Sylvia
Sarah Stephenson Hilda
Eric Allan Peter
Joolia Cappleman Pat
Mike Bradwell Norman
Liz Smith Pat's Mother
Malcolm Smith Norman's friend
Donald Sumpter Norman's friend
Christopher Martin Sylvia's Boss
Linda Beckett Remedial Trainee
Sandra Bolton Remedial Trainee
Stephen Churchett Remedial Trainee
Una Brandon-Jones Supervisor
Ronald Eng Waiter
Reginald Stewart Man in Restaurant
Susan Glanville Enthusiastic Teacher
Joanna Dickens Stout Teacher
Christopher Leaver Wine Merchant
Peter Chandler 
Brian Chenley 
Ina Clough 
Pat Farrand 
Sandra Jewell 
Ruth Lesirge 
David Marigold 
Marion Turner 
Ken Wheatcroft  


Moments from the uncompromisingly bleak existence of a secretary, her retarded sister, aloof and uneasy teacher boyfriend, bizzare neighbour and irritating workmate.


A sensitive approach Having been a Fan of Mike Leigh for many years I was pleased to have the opportunity to see this early film. I saw this recently as part of a Mike Leigh season on the television. I work with adults with learning difficulties and think the subject was dealt with in a very sensitive way. This film showshow demanding it would be caring for someone like this full time at home. The carer doesn't get much of a life of her own (apart from when her work friend kindly babysits ), but loves her sister and wants to help her, she wants what is best for her. She is completely unselfish and loving. Her work friend is living with a miserable and ungrateful mother who is driving her mad but the same mother gets on very well with Hilda(the retarded sister)so she can't be all bad. I thought the Man who rented the garage to play his music was lovely, he kindly came and played music to Hilda which she loved. Plus he was company for Silvia. I thought this was a lovely film with some very good acting and a moving story.
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Bleak Moments (1971) - Mike Leigh