Innocents Aux Mains Sales, Les (1975)

Original Title : Innocents aux mains sales, Les
Director : Claude Chabrol
Writer : Claude Chabrol
Richard Neely
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : André Génovès
Music : Pierre Jansen
Photography : Jean Rabier
IMDB ID : 0073169
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poster for "Innocents Aux Mains Sales, Les" by Claude Chabrol (1975)
Innocents Aux Mains Sales, Les (1975) - Claude Chabrol


Romy Schneider Julie Wormser
Rod Steiger Louis Wormser
François Maistre Commissaire Lamy
Paolo Giusti Jeff Marle
François Perrot Georges Thorent
Hans Christian Blech Le juge/Judge (as Hans-Christian Blech
Pierre Santini Commissaire Villon
Jean Rochefort Maître Légal
Henri Attal Police Officer
Serge Bento Directeur de Banque
Jean Cherlian Le policier du bateau
Jurgens Doeres Police officer
Georges Bain (uncredited
René Havard (uncredited
René Piget (uncredited


Saint Tropez, 1975. Julie Wormser and her lover, writer and neighbour Jeff Marle, plan the assassination of her wealthy husband Louis, an impotent who drinks a lot. She hits him, and leaves the rest of the task to Jeff. Julie finds herself alone the following day, and becomes therefore prime suspect. Where is Louis' body? Where is Jeff? Is there any secret beyond a door?


How to plan the perfect murder of your husband!... but - - more important than the carefully analysis of a wife/husband relationship gone sour, with a cunning game between the husband and the wife's lover, is the magnificent depiction of the relationships between a number of characters. The whole bourgeois world that Chabrol so often chastised is here, with unforgettable roles by Romy Schneider, Rod Steiger, and Jean Rochefort. Sum-up: Film's photography is neat, Justice... has got "dirty hands".