Lightning Over Water (Nick's Movie) (1980)

Original Title : Lightning Over Water
Director : Wim Wenders
Nicholas Ray
Writer : Nicholas Ray
Wim Wenders
Genre : Documentary
Country : Sweden
Language : English
Producer : Jonathan Becker , Pierre Cottrell , Laurie Frank , Renée Gundelach , Chris Sievernich , Wim Wenders
Music : Ronee Blakley
Photography : Edward Lachman
Martin Schäfer
IMDB ID : 0081055
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Lightning Over Water (Nick's Movie) (1980) - Wim Wenders | Nicholas Ray


Gerry Bamman Himself
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Nicholas Ray Himself
Susan Ray Herself
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Director Nicholas Ray is eager to complete a final film before his imminent death from cancer. Wim Wenders is working on his own film _Hammett (1983)_ in Hollywood, but flies to New York to help Ray realize his final wish. Ray's original intent is to make a fiction film about a dying painter who sails to China to find a cure for his disease. He and Wenders discuss this idea, but it is obviously unrealistic given Ray's state of health.


still waiting for ai this is a film i forced myself to watch in order to complete a speech in german about wim wender's is all about the death of a cancer ridden man.that is about all of the plot i could figure out. the images, as is usual with wender's films, are striking and pungent to the hollywood-movie-goer senses.the scenes in this movie are about the slowest i have ever seen.i did find a few rewarding scenes here and there scattered throughout the chaos.the graduate monkey, the speech at vassar college, and the alarm clock scene to mention a few. that is about all i know on this one. i give it two riders of the apocalypse.