Bas-Fonds, Les (1936)

Original Title : Bas-fonds, Les
Director : Jean Renoir
Writer : Maxim Gorky
Eugène Zamiatine
Jacques Companéez
Jean Renoir
Charles Spaak
Jean Renoir
Charles Spaak
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Alexandre Kamenka
Music : Jean Wiener
Photography : Fédote Bourgasoff
Jean Bachelet
IMDB ID : 0027336
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poster for "Bas-Fonds, Les" by Jean Renoir (1936)
Bas-Fonds, Les (1936) - Jean Renoir


Jean Gabin Wasska Pepel
Junie Astor Natacha
Suzy Prim Vassilissa Kostyleva
Louis Jouvet The Baron
Vladimir Sokoloff Kostylev
Jany Holt Nastia
Robert Le Vigan The Alcoholic Actor
René Génin Louka, the wise old man (as René Genin
Paul Temps Satine
Robert Ozanne Jabot
Henri Saint-Isle Kletsch, the cobbler (as Saint-Iles
Alex Allin The Inspector
Léon Larive Felix, le majordomo
Nathalie Alexeeff Anna, the dying woman
René Stern Alochka, the accordion player
Camille Bert The Count
Fernand Bercher (uncredited
Annie Ceres (uncredited
Lucien Mancini Patron de la guinguette (uncredited
Sylvain (uncredited


Another excellent Renoir/Gabin Collaboration Jean Renoir's version of Gorky's Lower Depths is less faithful to the original than Kurosawa's film, but has its own charm.The film centers on Jean Gabin's character, the thief, and Louis Jouvet's character of the gambling baron, recently reduced to poverty through his embezzling and gambling losses.The scenes with Gabin and Jouvet together are tremendous, including their first meeting where Gabin is robbing Jouvet's mansion, later on lying in the summer grass recalling their past lives and their final parting. The other inhabitants of the flophouse, with a few exceptions, are not as delineated as in the Kurosawa version.This is not an ensemble acting piece like Kurosawa's, but very much a Gabin star vehicle. He and Jouvet really carry the film and make it one of Renoir's best.It's not in the same league as Grand Illusion and Rules of the Game, but very good.Four of 5 stars.