Vojna i Mir (War and Peace) (1968)

Original Title : Vojna i mir
Director : Sergei Bondarchuk
Writer : Sergei Bondarchuk
Vasili Solovyov
Leo Tolstoy
Genre : Drama
Country : Soviet Union
Language : Russian, English, French
Music : Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov
Photography : Anatoli Petritsky
Aleksandr Shelenkov
IMDB ID : 0063794
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poster for "Vojna i Mir (War and Peace)" by Sergei Bondarchuk (1968)
Vojna i Mir (War and Peace) (1968) - Sergei Bondarchuk


Lyudmila Savelyeva Natasha Rostova
Vyacheslav Tikhonov Prince Andrei Bolkonsky
Gennadi Ivanov 
Irina Gubanova [Soniya) 
Antonina Shuranova Princess Mariya
Sergei Bondarchuk Pierre Bezukhov
V. Badayev Regimental Commander
Jean-Claude Ballard Rambal
Aleksandr Barushnoy 
A. Boldyrev Russian Soldier
Aleksandr Borisov Uncle Rostov
Nikolai Bubnov Gen. Mack
Giuli Chokhonelidze Bagration
A. Degtyar Russian Soldier
D. Eizental Clausewitz
Dzhemma Firsova Catiche
Kira Golovko Countess Rostova
P. Grantinsh Wolzogen
M. Khabrov Karatyev
B. Khovanskaya 
Mikhail Khrabrov Karatayev
Nikolai Khryashchikov Russian Soldier
Vasili Lanovoy Anatol
Georgi Millyar Morel
Boris Molchanov Davout
Nonna Mordyukova Anisya Fyodorovna
Viktor Murganov Tsar Alexander I
Daniil Netrebin Russian Soldier
Klavdiya Polovikova Drubetskaya
Lev Polyakov Lauriston
Vladimir Prikhodko Russian Soldier
Norman Rose English Narrator
Nikolai Rybnikov Denisov
Pyotr Savin Timoshin
D. Sivakov Russian Soldier
Irina Skobtseva Hélène Bezukhova
Boris Smirnov Prince Vasili
N. Sorokin Russian Soldier
Viktor Stanitsyn Ilya Andreyevich Rostov
Angelina Stepanova Anna Pavlovna
Vladislav Strzhelchik Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
Oleg Tabakov Nikolai Rostov
Nikolai Tolkachyov Count Bezukhov
Nikolai Trofimov Tushin
Yelena Tyapkina Akhrosimova
Anastasiya Vertinskaya Princess Lisa Bolkonskaya
Oleg Yefremov Dolokhov
Sergei Yermilov Petya Rostov
Boris Zakhava Kutusov
G. Zommer Benningsen
Nikita Mikhalkov cameo


The epic accomplishment of this film will crush your skull. If you can find it, watch it. Admittedly, the 7 hour plus running time is pretty daunting, but consider the source material.This film deservedly won the best foreign picture Oscar when it was finally released in the U.S.The fact that a Soviet film was able to garner such an award during the height of the Cold War is a testament to its greatness. There are 3 intermissions to this, the Pangaea of all epic films, and each section draws the viewer in more than the last.The spectacle will blow your mind in a way that digital effects never will be able to do.To actually see the Red Army (and what looks like all of it) marching in costume over the expanse of miles into the distance will change any prior notions of spectacle you held.Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments, whatever awed you before is chicken feed compared to the brutal grandeur of Bondarchuk's recreation of The War of 1812. There are beautiful interludes of excellent acting amidst extremely costly sets--it's a shame I don't know Russian because those subtitles chew up a lot of exquisite scenery.The characters are fully developed, the direction is inspired (no run-of-the-mill static camera work in any of this). They showed this in 70mm at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood last year.Before that it was 10 years without a screening in the U.S.We can't afford to let this shimmering prize of film history lapse.In a theatre, or if it is ever issued on DVD, this movie will deeply reward all those who watch it.There was nothing as grand as War &, Peace before, there will be nothing on its scale ever again.Treasure this masterpiece...if you can find it.