She's Gotta Have it (1986)

A Seriously Sexy Comedy

Original Title : She's Gotta Have It
Director : Spike Lee
Writer : Spike Lee
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Pamm R. Jackson , Spike Lee
Music : Bill Lee
Photography : Ernest R. Dickerson
IMDB ID : 0091939
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She's Gotta Have it (1986) - Spike Lee


Tracy Camilla Johns Nola Darling
Tommy Redmond Hicks Jamie Overstreet
John Canada Terrell Greer Childs
Spike Lee Mars Blackmon
Raye Dowell Opal Gilstrap
Joie Lee Clorinda Bradford
S. Epatha Merkerson Doctor Jamison (as Epatha Merkinson
Bill Lee Sonny Darling
Cheryl Burr Ava
Aaron Dugger Noble
Stephanie Covington Keva
Renata Cobbs Shawn
Cheryl Singleton Toby
Monty Ross Dog 1
Lewis Jordan Dog 2
Erik Dellums Dog 3
Reginald Hudlin Dog 4 (as Reggie Hudlin
Eric Payne Dog 5
Marcus Turner Dog 6
Gerard Brown Dog 7
Ernest R. Dickerson Dog 8 (as Ernest Dickerson
Eric Wilkins Dog 9
Fab Five Freddy Dog 10 (as Fab Five Freddy Braithwaite
Scott Sillers Dog 11
Geoffrey Garfield Dog 12
Kathy Banks Receptionist
Steve Nicks Soundman
Pamm R. Jackson Female Walk On (as Pamm Jackson


This Spike Lee film offers the audience a window into the life and loves of a young black woman in Brooklyn. Nola Darling is dating three very different men simultaneously: Jamie Overstreet--a controlling, protective, patriarchial type, Greer Childs--a wealthy, vain, arrogant male model, and Mars Blackmon (played by director Spike Lee himself)--a comical, juvenile, immature jokester. Nola has gone beyond even a love "triangle" and the stability of this love "square" is threatened by the increasing jealosy among her three suitors. Finally, under pressure, Nola makes her "choice," but in the end, is this what she really wants?


You Gotta See It Thoroughly enjoyable 90 minutes in the quirky company of Spike Lee and his cast of weirdos.The male characters (Nora's three lovers) are all inadequate in their way, so it is hardly surprising that Nora needs several such men to satisfy her. If men behave the way Nora behaves, it is seen as a sign of virility, whereas Nora is more or less sent to the shrink because her behaviour is so out of line. But this is mostly comedy so you can put aside the "is it feminist, is it misogynist?" stuff and enjoy it for what it is - an unusually good low budget movie.
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She's Gotta Have it (1986) - Spike Lee