Dernier Chaperon Rouge, Le (1996)

Original Title : Dernier chaperon rouge, Le
Director : Jan Kounen
Writer : Carlo De Boutiny
Jan Kounen
Charles Perrault
Genre : Short
User Comments:GREAT! A must see french short-film production(more)
Country : France
Language : French
Photography : Tetsuo Nagata
IMDB ID : 0116079
Official site :
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poster for "Dernier Chaperon Rouge, Le" by Jan Kounen (1996)
Dernier Chaperon Rouge, Le (1996) - Jan Kounen


Emmanuelle Béart Le petit chaperon rouge
Gérald Weingand Le loup
Diana Payne-Myers Mère Grand
Stéphane Chivot Le lapin
Marc Caro Le monstre rest of cast listed alphabetically Philippe Decouflé
Véronique Defranoux Mère Grand (Jeune
Ivan Merat-Barboff La Pierre
Ivan Merat-Barboff La Pierre


GREAT! A must see french short-film production Here is an extraordinary garden where the boletus mushrooms, the chanterelle mushrooms, the death-cup mushrooms, rabbits and brambles dance and sing to music coming from nowhere. But in this garden there is also a rocket underground in which a crooked-legged old dancer regains the grace she once had. The little red riding hoods are the unwitting providers of healthy legs. By the orders of a witch, they have all been made to disappear by a monster surgeon. All except one, the last little red riding hood, who is lusted after by the big bad wolf, who is definitely not going to have this desirable bit of loot stolen from him.