Vibroboy (1994)

"The greatest movie of all time" (Ice-T)

Original Title : Vibroboy
Director : Jan Kounen
Writer : Carlo De Boutiny
Jan Kounen
Genre : Short
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Jan Kounen
Music : Jean-Jacques Hertz
Alain Pype
François Roy
Frédéric Sanchez Del Rio
Vol de Nuit
Photography : Michel Amathieu
IMDB ID : 0108485
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Vibroboy (1994) - Jan Kounen


¬Dominique Bettenfeld Leon/Vibroboy
¬Val√©rie Druguet Brigitte
¬Michel Vuillermoz Francesca
¬Fabien B√©har The acrobat


A Masterpiece "Vibroboy" is half an hour of real pleasure : It starts with 3 people quarrelling, Leon, his wife Brigitte and a friend Francesca who's coming back from South America with a gift - an aztec statue - to Brigitte. Unfortunately, Leon is not able to control himself, and therefore gets angry. The beginning is an oppressing movie, and thensomething happen - I won't tell what, but the statue is somehow magic - and as in "Dusk Till Dawn" the whole story suddenly degenerates into something completely different, starring Vibroboy and his phallic driller. It contains everything to become a cult movie. In just 28 minutes, there is a real evolution of an original plot, the perfect acting, the fun score ( the french song "Parlez-moi d'Amour" ), some real good special effects - especially for a short... in fact every single thing is within and well done. Just don't expect something gore, it's rather a trash movie. "Vibroboy" is the last short Jan Kounen made before his first (long) movie "Dobbermann"(1997), in which you also find the particular style he has been developing for the last 10 years. He has made a lot of short movies since 1987, all not in imdb, but all worth watching. If you liked Kounen's work in this one, look mostly for "Captain X"(1993) and "Dobbermann". His next movie will be an adaptation of the serial of comics "Blueberry". I hope it'll be as successful as the rest of his career. Remember his name, you will surely heard of him again in a few years : He's really a genius. 10/10 and I mean it
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Vibroboy (1994) - Jan Kounen