Kansas City (1996)

Kansas City, 1934. Anything could happen here. One night it did.

Original Title : Kansas City
Director : Robert Altman
Writer : Robert Altman
Frank Barhydt
Genre : Crime
Country : France
Language : English
Producer : Robert Altman , Scott Bushnell , James McLindon , Matthew Seig , David C. Thomas
Photography : Oliver Stapleton
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language, and for some violence and drug use.
IMDB ID : 0116745
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Kansas City (1996) - Robert Altman


¬Jennifer Jason Leigh Blondie O'Hara
¬Miranda Richardson Carolyn Stilton
¬Harry Belafonte Seldom Seen
¬Michael Murphy Henry Stilton
¬Dermot Mulroney Johnny O'Hara
¬Steve Buscemi Johnny Flynn
¬Brooke Smith Babe Flynn
¬Jane Adams Nettie Bolt
¬Jeff Feringa Addie Parker
¬A.C. Tony Smith Sheepshan Red (as A.C. Smith
¬Martin Martin 'Blue' Green
¬Albert J. Burnes Charlie Parker
¬Ajia Mignon Johnson Pearl Cummings
¬Tim Snay Rally Speaker
¬Tawanna Benbow Rose
¬Cal Pritner Governor Park
¬Jerry Fornelli Tom Pendergast
¬Michael Marisi Ornstein Jackie Ciro (as Michael Ornstein
¬Michael Garozzo Charlie Gargotta
¬Joe Digirolamo John Lazia
¬John Durbin Gas Station Attendant
¬Gina Belafonte Hey-Hey Club Hostess
¬Nancy Marcy Telegraph Operator
¬Buck Baker Train Statio Agent
¬Dorothy Kemp-Clark Mrs. Bruce
¬Edward Pennington Governor Park's Butler
¬Robert Elliott Lazia Man
¬Marlon Hoffman Lazia Man
¬Patrick Oldani Lazia Man
¬Philip Trovato Lazia Man
¬James Carter Hey-Hey Club Musician: Tenor Saxophone
¬Craig Handy Hey-Hey Club Musician: Tenor Saxophone
¬David Murray Hey-Hey Club Musician: Tenor Saxophone
¬Joshua Redman Hey-Hey Club Musician: Tenor Saxophone
¬Jesse Davis Hey-Hey Club Musician: Alto Saxophone
¬David 'Fathead' Newman Jr. Hey-Hey Club Musician: Alto Saxophone
¬Don Byron Hey-Hey Club Musician: Clarinet/Baritone Saxophone
¬Olu Dara Hey-Hey Club Musician: Trumpet
¬Nicholas Payton Hey-Hey Club Musician: Trumpet
¬James Zollar Hey-Hey Club Musician: Trumpet
¬Curtis Fowlkes Hey-Hey Club Musician: Trombone
¬Clark Gayton Hey-Hey Club Musician: Trombone
¬Victor Lewis Hey-Hey Club Musician: Drums
¬Geri Allen Hey-Hey Club Musician: Piano
¬Cyrus Chestnut Hey-Hey Club Musician: Piano
¬Ron Carter Hey-Hey Club Musician: Bass
¬Tyrone Clark Hey-Hey Club Musician: Bass
¬Christian McBride Hey-Hey Club Musician: Bass
¬Russell Malone Hey-Hey Club Musician: Guitar
¬Mark Whitfield Hey-Hey Club Musician: Guitar
¬Kevin Mahogany Hey-Hey Club Musician: Vocalist
¬John Pritchett Phone Clerk (uncredited


Robert Altman's jazz-scored film explores themes of love, crime, race, and politics in 1930's Kansas City. When Blondie O'Hara's husband, a petty thief, is captured by Seldom Seen and held at the Hey Hey Club, she lauches a desperate plan to release him. She kidnaps the wife of a powerful local politician in an attempt to blackmail him into using his connections to free Johnny. Despite this being election time, he risks exposure by putting the political machine into action to free Johnny and thereby save his wife. Mrs. Stilton, meanwhile, has befriended Blondie and is impressed by her love and devotion to Johnny, especially in contrast to her own loveless marriage.


Close your eyes and listen to the music The movie itself isn't that hot, interesting but nothing to get excited over. But the age of Jazz in the Jazz District of Kansas City, that is something else. The music is fabulous, so don't bother buying the movie, but buy the CD.
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Kansas City (1996) - Robert Altman
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Kansas City (1996) - Robert Altman
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Kansas City (1996) - Robert Altman