Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (2000)

A man only sees what a woman wants him to know.

Original Title : Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her
Director : Rodrigo García
Writer : Rodrigo García
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jon Avnet , Effie Brown , Lisa Lindstrom , Marsha Oglesby , Elie Samaha , Andrew Stevens
Music : Ed Shearmur
Photography : Emmanuel Lubezki
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements, sexual content and language.
IMDB ID : 0210358
Official site :
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Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (2000) - Rodrigo García


Glenn Close Dr. Elaine Keener (segment "This is Dr. Keener"
Cameron Diaz Carol (segment "Love Waits For Kathy"
Calista Flockhart Christine Taylor (segment "Goodnight Lilly, Goodnight Christine"
Kathy Baker Rose (segment "Someone For Rose"
Amy Brenneman Kathy (segment "Love Waits For Kathy"
Valeria Golino Lilly (segment "Goodnight Lilly, Goodnight Christine"
Holly Hunter Rebecca (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca"
Matt Craven Walter (segment "Love Waits For Kathy"
Gregory Hines Robert (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca"
Miguel Sandoval Sam (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca"
Noah Fleiss Jay (segment "Someone For Rose"
Danny Woodburn Albert (segment "Someone For Rose"
Penelope Allen Nancy (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca"
Roma Maffia Debbie (segment "Love Waits For Kathy"
Elpidia Carrillo Carmen (segment "Love Waits For Kathy"
Mika Boorem June (segment "Love Waits For Kathy"
Irma St. Paule Elaine's Mother (segment "This is Dr. Keener"
Juanita Jennings Nurse (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca"
Laura Leigh Hughes Receptionist (segment "Fantasies About Rebecca"
Erik King Police Officer (segment "Love Waits For Kathy"
Jacob Avnet Jay's School Friend


An anthology of five loosely connected stories dealing with a variety of very different women in dealing with their own life problems. The first story "This is Dr. Keener" features Glenn Close as a doctor looking after her invalid mother who comes to realize that her own life is passing her by. The second story "Fantasies About Rebecca" features Holly Hunter as a wealthy bank manager who doesn't realize that her own life is a sham in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, a workaholic boyfriend, and an observant street woman who knows more about Rebecca than she herself does. The third, "Someone For Rose" features Kathy Baker as a single mother who debates with herself over starting a romance with a dwarf who moves into the house across her street. The fourth, "Goodnight Lilly, Goodnight Christine" features Calista Flockhart as Christine, a tarot reader who struggles with increasing grief and depression while taking care of her lesbian lover Lilly who's dying from cancer. The fifth, "Love Waits for Kathy" features Amy Brenneman as a police detective who examines her loneliness after her blind sister Carol begins dating while Kathy is on a case of investigating the suicide of an old school friend who was just as lonely as she. A study of the physical and emotional intricacies affecting the everyday lives of a very diverse group of women, and the strategies they adopt in coping with events - large and small, overt and hidden - which shape the way they live.


Touching and funny- the perfect fit to talk about women and how time is mean to them Some questions remain without a plausible answer: why did THINGS YOU CAN TELL JUST BY LOOKING AT HER go direct to cable TV in the US? I don't know and I'm still angry about that, since it has a great cast and was very well received in Cannes. Fortunately, it was received a limited release here in Brazil, where it was a kind of art-house hit during the time of the year when only blockbusters have their place in the sun. The secret of its success here is not hard to understand: audiences who were tired of Hollywood crap found a small, quiet dramatic comedy with a good story, some heart-breaking moments (and some very funny ones, too) and terrific performances. This is the kind of film that touches everyone, even the coldest and most serious person, making them laugh and feel deep emotions. Despite its division in five stories, all of them excellent (except the part with the lesbian, which was too small), this film is carefully paced, helping us to understand each character's emotions. And each story has an interesting link to the other. If I had to choose my favorite part, I would have to think. The Dr. Keener story is sad and quiet, the one with Rebecca is the most thought-provoking, while the dwarf story is touching and funny, and the sister-sister story brilliantly closes the film. If you haven't seen this yet, watch it now. There are not many good films with "women" as the main subject, but this one is one of the best I've seen. It has an eye for detail, it makes us think with its reflection about what women are nowadays (I loved Cameron Diaz guessing about what made her sister's friend committing suicide). And there are great actresses which seem to fit the role perfectly: Glenn Close, Cameron Diaz, Amy Brennemann, Kathy Baker, Holly Hunter, Calista Flockhart and Valeria Golino. I hope Rodrigo Garcia, son of famed writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, makes other great films like this. 8.5/10
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Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (2000) - Rodrigo García
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Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (2000) - Rodrigo García
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Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (2000) - Rodrigo García