Clockwork Orange (1971)

Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are rape, ultra-violence and Beethoven.

Original Title : A Clockwork Orange
Director : Stanley Kubrick
Writer : Anthony Burgess
Stanley Kubrick
Genre : Crime
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Stanley Kubrick , Si Litvinoff , Max L. Raab , Bernard Williams
Music : Wendy Carlos
Rachel Elkind
Photography : John Alcott
IMDB ID : 0066921
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poster for "Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick (1971)
Clockwork Orange (1971) - Stanley Kubrick


Malcolm McDowell Alexander 'Alex' de Large
Patrick Magee Mr. Alexander
Michael Bates Chief guard
Warren Clarke Dim
John Clive Stage actor
Adrienne Corri Mrs. Alexander
Carl Duering Dr. Brodsky
Paul Farrell Tramp
Clive Francis Lodger
Michael Gover Prison governor
Miriam Karlin Catlady (Miss Weathers
James Marcus Georgie
Aubrey Morris Mr. P. R. Deltoid
Godfrey Quigley Prison chaplain
Sheila Raynor Mum
Madge Ryan Dr. Branom
John Savident Conspirator
Anthony Sharp Minister
Philip Stone Dad
Pauline Taylor Psychiatrist
Margaret Tyzack Conspirator
Steven Berkoff Det. Const. Tom
Lindsay Campbell Police inspector
Michael Tarn Pete
David Prowse Julian (Frank Alexander's bodyguard
Barrie Cookson Handmaiden in Bible fantasy
Gaye Brown Sophisto (in the Korova Milkbar
Peter Burton Detective sergeant
Vivienne Chandler Handmaiden in Bible fantasy
Richard Connaught Billy Boy (gang leader
Prudence Drage Handmaiden in Bible fantasy
Carol Drinkwater Nurse Feeley
Lee Fox Desk sergeant
Cheryl Grunwald Rape victim in film
Gillian Hills Sonietta
Craig Hunter Doctor
Shirley Jaffe Victim of Billy Boy's gang
Virginia Wetherell Stage actress
Neil Wilson Prison check-in officer
Katya Wyeth Girl in ascot fantasy
Heinrich Himmler Himself (accompanies Hitler
Adolf Hitler Himself (at SA rally, from T.d.W.
Katharina Kubrick Girl passing Alex in record store (uncredited
Viktor Lutze Himself (accompanies Hitler
George O'Gorman Bootick clerk (uncredited
Pat Roach Milkbar Bouncer (uncredited
Barbara Scott Marty (uncredited


Alex, a teenage hooligan in a near-future Britain, gets jailed by the police. There he volunteers as guinea pig for a new aversion therapy proposed by the government to make room in prisons for political prisoners. "Cured" of his hooliganism and released, he is rejected by his friends and relatives. Eventually nearly dying, he becomes a major embarrassment for the government, who arrange to cure him of his cure. A pivotal moment is when he and his gang break into an author's home: the book he is writing (called "A Clockwork Orange") is a plea against the use of aversion therapy, on the grounds that it turns people into Clockwork Oranges (Ourang is Malay for "Man"): they are not being good from choice (sentiments later echoed by the prison chaplain). The film reflects this: many bad scenes in a Clockwork Orange are accompanied by jolly music, if we are to experience them as we should, we have to do it consciously, by realising they are bad, and not because the director tells us so through the use of music and images.


This is just possibly the most "perfect" movie ever made. There is no meaningless dialog, not a single extraneous character, and every plot twist is rational and reasonable. Not to mention a superb soundtrack. Because of the intense violence, particularly against women, it is a disturbing and difficult film to sit through. But if you care about the cinema, you must watch without interruption! Characters get what they the beginning and at the climax. Let Kubrick take you on the emotional rollercoaster of your cinematic life. And don't forget to breathe.