Jours Tranquilles à Clichy (1990)

Original Title : Jours tranquilles à Clichy
Director : Claude Chabrol
Writer : Claude Chabrol
Ugo Leonzio
Henry Miller
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Juraj Chmel , Pietro Innocenzi , Antonio Passalia , Alfonso Sansone
Music : Jean-Michel Bernard
Luigi Ceccarelli
Matthieu Chabrol
Photography : Jean Rabier
IMDB ID : 0099901
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poster for "Jours Tranquilles à Clichy" by Claude Chabrol (1990)
Jours Tranquilles à Clichy (1990) - Claude Chabrol


Andrew McCarthy Henry Miller
Nigel Havers Alfred
Barbara De Rossi Nys
Stéphanie Cotta Colette
Isolde Barth Ania
Eva Grimaldi Yvonne
Anna Galiena Edith
Giuditta Del Vecchio Adrienne
Mario Adorf Regentag
Elide Melli Le psychiatre
Maria Cristina Mastrangeli Sebastien (uncredited
Mónica Zanchi (uncredited


Different from many other Chabrol movies that follow "Hitchock-like" patterns, _Jours tranquilles à Clichy_ relates the days a young american writer (Arthur Miller) spent in the Gay Paris of the early thirties, with his polish-descent friend and their young Colette, a 14 years old-ish girl with whom they both fall in love. The story in itself doesn't send us from a surprising even to another but slowly lifts the curtain over the prostitution, pornography, libertinage and partying that seemed to oppose Paris so much to New York, in the eyes of Miller, searching for a change from the dull like he lead before.