Femme de Ménage, Une (2002)

Original Title : Une femme de ménage
Director : Claude Berri
Writer : Claude Berri
Christian Oster
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Claude Berri , Pierre Grunstein , Nathalie Rheims
Music : Frédéric Botton
Photography : Eric Gautier
MPAA Rating : Rated R for some sexuality/nudity and brief language.
IMDB ID : 0291538
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poster for "Femme de Ménage, Une" by Claude Berri (2002)
Femme de Ménage, Une (2002) - Claude Berri


Jean-Pierre Bacri Jacques
Émilie Dequenne Laura
Brigitte Catillon Claire
Jacques Frantz Ralph
Axelle Abbadie Helene
Catherine Breillat Constance
Apollinaire Louis-Philippe Dogue Ernest, le barman
Amalric Gérard Julien rest of cast listed alphabetically Nathalie Boutefeu .... Jeune fille au concert
Laurence Colussi Femme à la terrasse
Djura Chanteuse
Daniel Humair Musicien
Xavier Maly Assistant de Jacques
Pierre Michelot Musicien
Abel Nahmias Le voisin
René Urtreger Musicien


After his wife leaves him for another man, Jacques hires a housekeeper, Laura, to keep his Paris apartment in order. As he starts increasing her hours and spending more time with her on her days off, Jacques is torn between the pleasure of Laura's company, and the headache that such an intrusion brings to his new domain of singlehood.


A tender, surprising little film with superb performances, fine writing, good filmic qualities, and a superb music script, Une Femme... touches the veiwer, provides laughs, allows self-recognition, and shows the relative maturity of the experienced against the unintended heartlessnes of the young in a sophisitcated society. Very French. The man is intellectually prepared but still has to deal with the emotions of loss, despite the utterly ill-suitedness of his new love. The girl's neediness for approval and "love" demands his response, to which his kind and needy heart does what we expect. A perfect slice of life as has defined French film for so long. Happily. And well. Chapeau