Bienvenue au Gite (2003)

On a tous rêvé de changer de vie...

Original Title : Bienvenue au gîte
Director : Claude Duty
Writer : Jean-Philippe Barrau
Claude Duty
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Matthew Justice , Bruno Levy
Music : Valmont
Photography : David Johnson
IMDB ID : 0328890
Official site :
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Bienvenue au Gite (2003) - Claude Duty


Marina Foïs Caroline
Philippe Harel Bertrand
Annie Grégorio Angélique
Sebastian Barrio Julien (as Sebastián Barrio
Michael Maloney Peter
Bulle Ogier Odile de Castellane
Julie Depardieu Sophie
Nathalie Levy-Lang Marie
Lionel Abelanski Philippe
Léa Drucker Agnès
Sandra Nkake Patrick
Olivier Saladin Père Robert
Julie Durand Isabelle
Sylvie Lachat Sophie rest of cast listed alphabetically Olivier Broche .... Un invité à la soirée
Lise Lamétrie Angèle
Roland Menou Le randonneur aux cloques
Florence Muller Valérie
Paul Silve M. Vaillant


1/ Take a Parisian couple, add olive oil with the Provence hot and dry greenery. 2/ Pretend you can make it look good and appetizing from the moment you chose the vegetables up to the very last line of the recipe. 3/ Did I forget something? The theme, provided [Bienvenue au gîte] deserves one is 'Urbanites drop in the countryside.' 'Nature is the real thing but I am whom I am.' In this heavy general setting the 'auteur' adds supporting characters all around the couple instead of building a true couple. Thus we never see the evolution in their relationship. We wait for some funny things to succeed, and they're not many. And the greenery is nice, and some supporting characters are colorful but we simply do not care for the couple. Of course there are some good ideas here and there. As for me there was less than a laugh every two reels and hardly anything touching in the whole hundred minutes. Anyway the whole thing is episodic, flat, with nothing to hang on except the characters of Peter and Angélique. Annie Grégorio and Michael Maloney show us something and THIS has something to do with motion pictures while their characters are no more elaborate than the rest of the cast. Well, ideas don't make up for the lack of talent. You need to dump a thousand ideas before you keep one. Then another. Then you build a story. Then starts the hard work of fleshing up characters, hence flowing in dialog. Lubitsch? Who's that fella?