Himmel Über Berlin, Der (1987)

There are angels on the streets of Berlin.

Original Title : Himmel über Berlin, Der
Director : Wim Wenders
Writer : Peter Handke
Richard Reitinger
Wim Wenders
Genre : Fantasy
Country : West Germany
Language : German
Producer : Anatole Dauman , Pascale Dauman , Wim Wenders , Ingrid Windisch
Music : Jürgen Knieper
Photography : Henri Alekan
IMDB ID : 0093191
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poster for "Himmel Über Berlin, Der" by Wim Wenders (1987)
Himmel Über Berlin, Der (1987) - Wim Wenders


Bruno Ganz Damiel
Solveig Dommartin Marion
Otto Sander Cassiel
Curt Bois Homer, the aged poet
Hans Martin Stier The Dying Man
Elmar Wilms A Sad Man
Sigurd Rachman The Suicide
Beatrice Manowski Young Prostitute
Lajos Kovács Marion's Coach
Bruno Rosaz Clown
Laurent Petitgand Bandleader
Chick Ortega Drummer (as Chico Rojo Ortega
Otto Kuhnle Juggler
Christoph Merg Juggler
Peter Werner Manager
Susanne Vierkötter Circus
Paul Busch Circus
Karin Busch Circus
Irene Moessinger Circus
Franky Circus
Teresa Harder Angel at the Library
Daniela Nasimcova Angel at the Library
Bernard Eisenschitz Angel at the Library (as Bernard Eisenschuetz
Didier Flamand Angel at the Library
Rolf Henke Angel at the Library
Scott Kirby Angel at the Library
Franck Glemin Angel at the Library
Jerry Barrish The Director
Jeanette Pollak Hatlady
Christian Bartels The Hitler Youth
David Crome The Assistant Director
Käthe Fürstenwerth Air-Raid Shelter
Werner Schönrock Air-Raid Shelter
Bernd Ramien Air-Raid Shelter
Erika Rabau Air-Raid Shelter
Silvia Blagojeva Itscherenska Air-Raid Shelter
Sultan Meral Air-Raid Shelter
Olivier Picot Air-Raid Shelter
Jochen Gliscinsky Air-Raid Shelter
Erich Schupke Air-Raid Shelter
Margarete Hafner In Her Apartment
Oliver Herder In His Apartment
Margitta Haberland In Her Apartment
Jürgen Heinrich In His Apartment
Ralf Strathmann In His Apartment
Walter Ratayszak In His Apartment
Charlotte Oberberg In Her Apartment
Lubinka Kostic In Her Apartment
Gisela Westerboer On the Highway
Andreas Valentin On the Highway
Anne Gerstl On the Highway
Dirk Vogeley On the Highway
Ruth Rischke On the Highway
Simon Bonney Crime &
Rowland S. Howard Crime &
Kevin Godfrey Crime &
Thomas Wydler Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Mick Harvey Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Blixa Bargeld Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Roland Wolf Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Kid Congo Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Denis Rodriguez Child
Dieta von Aster Child
Gustav Geisler Child
Paul Geisler Child
Lorenz Geisler Child
Sladjana Kostic Child
Benedikt Schumann Child
Nicolas Roth Child
Marcus Stenzel Child
Benjamin Ferchow Child
Mario Meyer Child
Mark Leuschner Child
Tibor Dahlenburg Child
Lia Harder Child
Mascha Noak Child
Vera Butzek Child
Donald Behrendt Child
Patric Kreuzer Himself - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (uncredited
Peter Falk Himself (uncredited


This Wim Wenders film centers around the story of two angels wandering post-war Berlin. Invisible to humans, they nevertheless give their help and comfort to all the lonely and depressed souls they meet. Finally, after many centuries, one of the angels becomes unhappy with his immortal state and wishes to become human in order to experience the joys of everyday life. He meets a circus acrobat and finds in her the fufillment of all his mortal desires. He also discovers that he is not alone in making this cross over, and that a purely spiritual experience is not enough to satisfy anyone.
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567 x 758
Himmel Über Berlin, Der (1987) - Wim Wenders
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399 x 570
Himmel Über Berlin, Der (1987) - Wim Wenders
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333 x 500
Himmel Über Berlin, Der (1987) - Wim Wenders
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333 x 475
Himmel Über Berlin, Der (1987) - Wim Wenders
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298 x 416
Himmel Über Berlin, Der (1987) - Wim Wenders