Land of Plenty (2004)

Original Title : Land of Plenty
Director : Wim Wenders
Writer : Scott Derrickson
Michael Meredith
Wim Wenders
Wim Wenders
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jake Abraham , Caroline Kaplan , In-Ah Lee , Samson Mucke , Peter Schwartzkopff , Jonathan Sehring , John Sloss , Mandy Tagger , Gary Winick
Music : Nackt
Photography : Franz Lustig
IMDB ID : 0382357
Official site :
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Land of Plenty (2004) - Wim Wenders


Michelle Williams Lana
John Diehl Paul
Shaun Toub Hassan
Wendell Pierce Henry
Richard Edson Jimmy
Burt Young Sherman
Yuri Elvin Officer Elvin
Jeris Poindexter Charles
Rhonda Stubbins White Dee Dee
Bernard White Youssef rest of cast listed alphabetically Warren Stearns .... Mortician
Gloria Stuart Old Lady
Golan Ramras Shlomo (uncredited


A drama that investigates anxiety and disillusionment in America.


I really disagree with some American comments here, maybe just because I am European, I don't know, but anyway I liked that movie. It is stupid to think that Wenders wanted to represent into the main character a typical American, obviously it is just an extreme position about the fear of anything (common in USA), but it doesn't reflex the society, it is a product of it. It doesn't take a wonderful picture of USA, but at the same time it doesn't distruct it, it want just show the paradoxes of that land, it want to be watched like the "land of plenty" and it is not, but it doesn't mean to be the hell. I understand when Americans find only cliché inside, but some of them are true, your country has fear mania, not all of you but some. In Italy as well we say that everybody dislike Berlusconi, but he is prime minister. But now it's time to speak about the movie: it is nice, characters' work is well-made and elaborated, Location are incredible, they show another USA, different from other movies. I didn't like Michelle Williams because of dowson's creek, but here she is not bad, her character is understood by people, but I think it is the work of Wim.