State and Main (2000)

When a film crew came to Waterford, Vermont - They Shot First And Asked Questions Later.

Original Title : State and Main
Director : David Mamet
Writer : David Mamet
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : English
Producer : Dorothy Aufiero , Alec Baldwin , Martin J. Barab , Willi B├Ąr , Jonathan Cornick , Sarah Green , Rachael Horovitz , Peter Jay Klauser , Mark Ordesky , Alan Mruvka , Joey Nittolo
Music : Theodore Shapiro
Photography : Oliver Stapleton
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language and brief sexual images.
IMDB ID : 0120202
Official site :
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State and Main (2000) - David Mamet


┬Michael Higgins Doc Wilson
┬Michael Bradshaw Priest
┬Morris Lamore Bunky
┬Allen Soule Spud
┬Clark Gregg Doug Mackenzie
┬Rebecca Pidgeon Ann
┬Ricky Jay Jack
┬Julia Stiles Carla
┬Matt Malloy Hotel Clerk
┬Charles Durning Mayor George Bailey
┬Tony V. Water Delivery Man
┬Tony Mamet Electrician
┬Jack Wallace Bellhop
┬Michael James O'Boyle Chuckie
┬Charlotte Potok Maude
┬Christopher Kaldor Officer Cal Thompkin
┬Frederic Levy Gun Store Owner (as Rick Levy
┬J.J. Johnston Stationmaster
┬Patti LuPone Sherry Bailey
┬Dick Friedman Postman (as Richard L. Friedman
┬Kolbie McCabe Girl on Scooter
┬Emma Norman Fisherwoman
┬Dee Nelson Decorator
┬Brian Howe Bartender
┬Robert Walsh Trooper
┬G. Roy Levin Salesman with Rubber Duck
┬Matthew Pidgeon B.B.G. TV Reporter
┬Danny Hovanesian Bailiff (as Daniel G. Hovanesian
┬Jerry Graff Fake Judge
┬Timothy Jernigan-Smith Billy on Bike
┬Paul Butler Real Judge
┬Alexandra Kerry Television Director
┬Ken Cheeseman Trooper
┬Jordan Lage Doc Morten
┬William H. Macy Walt Price
┬Lionel Mark Smith Bill Smith
┬Vincent Guastaferro Uberto Pazzi-Sforzo
┬Linda Kimbrough Courteney
┬Philip Seymour Hoffman Joseph Turner White
┬Jim Frangione Tommy Max
┬Alec Baldwin Bob Barrenger
┬Lana Bilzerian Girl PA
┬Sarah Jessica Parker Claire Wellesley
┬Laura Silverman Secretary
┬David Paymer Marty Rossen
┬Josh Marchette Production Assistant
┬Jonathan Katz Howie Gold
┬Alan Francis Vermont State Trooper (uncredited
┬Darrell Geer Vermont State Trooper (uncredited
┬Cindy Lentol Reporter (uncredited
┬Molly Levine Girl Pictured in Magazine (uncredited
┬Todd Poudrier Production Assistant (uncredited
┬Kate Super Production Assistant (uncredited


Having left New Hampshire over excessive demands by the locals, the cast and crew of "The Old Mill" moves their movie shoot to a small town in Vermont. However, they soon discover that The Old Mill burned down in 1960, the star can't keep his pants zipped, the starlet won't take her top off, and the locals aren't quite as easily conned as they appear.
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State and Main (2000) - David Mamet
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State and Main (2000) - David Mamet