Enfants Terribles, Les (1950)

Original Title : Enfants terribles, Les
Director : Jean-Pierre Melville
Writer : Jean Cocteau
Jean-Pierre Melville
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Jean-Pierre Melville
Music : Johann Sebastian Bach
Antonio Vivaldi
Photography : Henri Deca√ę
IMDB ID : 0042436
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Enfants Terribles, Les (1950) - Jean-Pierre Melville


¬Nicole St√©phane Elisabeth
¬Edouard Dermithe Paul
¬Ren√©e Cosima Dargelos/Agathe
¬Jacques Bernard Gerard
¬Melvyn Martin Michael
¬Maria Cyliakus The Mother
¬Jean-Marie Robain Headmaster
¬Maurice Revel Doctor rest of cast listed alphabetically Adeline Aucoc .... Mariette
¬Jean Cocteau Narrator (voice
¬Rachel Devirys Gerard's Uncle
¬Emile Mathis Vice Principal
¬Emile Mathys Vice Principal


Elisabeth is very protective of her teenage brother Paul, who is injured in a snowball fight at school and has to rest in bed most of the time. The siblings are inseparable, living in the same room, fighting, playing secret games, and rarely leaving the house, though Paul's friend Gerard often stays with them. One day Elisabeth brings home Agathe to live with them also. She bears a strong resemblance to Dargelos, a schoolboy whom Paul had a crush on, and who injured him. Paul and Agathe become attracted to each other, causing Elizabeth to be very jealous.
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441 x 620
Enfants Terribles, Les (1950) - Jean-Pierre Melville
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338 x 475
Enfants Terribles, Les (1950) - Jean-Pierre Melville