Silence de la Mer, Le (1949)

Original Title : Silence de la Mer, Le
Director : Jean-Pierre Melville
Writer : Jean-Pierre Melville
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Jean-Pierre Melville , Edmond Vaxelaire
Music : Edgar Bischoff
Photography : Henri Decaë
IMDB ID : 0039822
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Silence de la Mer, Le (1949) - Jean-Pierre Melville


Howard Vernon Werner Von Ebrennac
Nicole Stéphane The Niece
Jean-Marie Robain The Uncle
Ami Aaröe Werner's fiancee
Georges Patrix L'ordonnance
Denis Sadier L'ami
Max Hermann German
Rudelle German
Fritz Schmiedel German
Claude Vernier German


In a small town in occupied France in 1941, the German officer, Werner Von Ebrennac is billeted in the house of the uncle and his niece. The uncle and niece refuse to speak to him, but each evening the officer warms himself by the fire and talks of his country, his music, and his idealistic views of the relationship between France and Germany. That is, until he visits Paris and discovers what is really going on ...