Ame Agaru (After The Rain) (1999)

Original Title : Ame agaru
Director : Takashi Koizumi
Writer : Akira Kurosawa
Shugoro Yamamoto
Genre : Drama
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Producer : Masato Hara , Hisao Kurosawa , Tsutomu Sakurai , Kayo Yoshida
Music : Masaru Satô
Photography : Masaharu Ueda
Distributor : Europa Filmes [br]
IMDB ID : 0181960
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Ame Agaru (After The Rain) (1999) - Takashi Koizumi


ÂAkira Terao Ihei Misawa
ÂYoshiko Miyazaki Tayo Misawa
ÂYoshiko Miyazaki Tayo Misawa


Ishei Misawa, a ronin, and is wife Tayo are waiting at an inn for the rain to stop in order to continue their journey accross the river. While stuck there, Ishei wanders in the forest and, in doing so, finds himself stopping a fight between enraged youth. The local loard witnesses the incident and invites Ishei to his castle where he offers him the job of master at arms. But the nobility disagree and insists that Ishei must make a demonstration of his abilities if he is to be hired...


A Great piece of Directing, ScreenWriting and Acting This movie feels like a ballade on a forgotten road...Its rythm flows like magic and holds you to the storyline which enfolds peacefully.Its inner beauty is based on simplicity, on discovering what makes our humanity and on some well chosen bits of humor.There is an allmighty feeling of pleasure that emanates from experiencing this movie where nature is breathtaking or just simply here with you.And, when the movie is over, you feel grateful to have walked this path where love still exists.Such a powerful message upon entering our next millenium.
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504 x 780
Ame Agaru (After The Rain) (1999) - Takashi Koizumi
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254 x 363
Ame Agaru (After The Rain) (1999) - Takashi Koizumi
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300 x 412
Ame Agaru (After The Rain) (1999) - Takashi Koizumi