Who's Who (1979)

Original Title : Who's Who
Director : Mike Leigh
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Margaret Matheson
Photography : Jon Else
IMDB ID : 0078491
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poster for "Who's Who" by Mike Leigh (1979)
Who's Who (1979) - Mike Leigh


¬Lavinia Bertram Nanny
¬Joolia Cappleman April
¬Richenda Carey Lady Crouchurst
¬Simon Chandler Nigel
¬Angela Curran Woman in window
¬Philip Davis I
¬Felicity Dean Caroline
¬Souad Faress Samya
¬Catherine Hall II
¬Roger Hammond Man in window
¬Geraldine James Miss Hunt
¬Richard Kane I
¬Sam Kelly I
¬Francesca Martin I
¬David Neville Lord Crouchurst
¬Adam Norton Giles
¬Graham Seed Anthony
¬Jeffrey Wickham Francis


Slice-of-life look at class divisions among employees of a brokerage house. Alan, with his portrait of the Queen and love of the peerage, his wife April, who raises cats, youthful and pretentious friends Nigel, Giles, and Anthony, who gather for a wine-soaked dinner party with the chatty and risque Samantha and the mousy Caroline, the plummy Lord and Lady Crouchurst, in a spot of bother needing the help of Francis, a senior partner, to assist with the family's cash flow. Alan comes home from work to find Mr. Shakespeare doing a photo shoot of one of April's cats and a wealthy stranger, Miss Hunt, waiting to purchase one. His instincts for sycophantic palaver kick in.