Grown Ups (1980)

Original Title : Grown-Ups
Director : Mike Leigh
Writer : Mike Leigh
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Louis Marks
Photography : Remi Adefarasin
IMDB ID : 0080819
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poster for "Grown Ups" by Mike Leigh (1980)
Grown Ups (1980) - Mike Leigh


Brenda Blethyn Gloria
Philip Davis I
Lindsay Duncan I
Janine Duvitski Sharon
Sam Kelly I
Lesley Manville Mandy


Dick and Mandy, a young working class couple, move into a council house in Canterbury, and find Mr. Butcher, one of their former teachers, living next door. Mandy's unmarried sister, Gloria, is constantly dropping in, and will not take any hints that the couple would prefer to be left alone, until her presence finally goads them to action.


I discovered this film quite my accident 20 years ago when I was 14. I was at home with my family, we were flicking from channel to channel trying to find something to watch on telly. We settled on something which I thought was one of the best and funniest things I had ever seen. This was 'Grown Ups' and it made such an impression that I still remember the characters and some of the scenes even now, I did see it again a year or so later. This film brings to attention just how silly a group of so called grown ups look bickering argueing and bullying each other and how silly their behaviour can seem. The acting was excellent, they were all so realistic. Brenda Blethyn was as good in this film as she was in 'Secrets and Lies'. Her character was similar ( very emotional ). I felt sorry for Gloria and wished someone would protect her from the foul tempered Dick, although I could see she brought a lot of it on herself. I am sure she meant well really. Since this I have seen many more Mike Leigh films and have become a very big fan. This is one my favourite films of his I have been trying hard for a long time to obtain this title on Pal Video, can anyone help?