One, Two, Three (1961)

Original Title : One, Two, Three
Director : Billy Wilder
Writer : Ferenc Moln√°r (I)
Billy Wilder
I.A.L. Diamond
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : I.A.L. Diamond , Doane Harrison , Billy Wilder
Music : Andr√© Previn
Photography : Daniel L. Fapp
IMDB ID : 0055256
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One, Two, Three (1961) - Billy Wilder


¬James Cagney C.R. MacNamara
¬Horst Buchholz Otto Ludwig Piffl
¬Pamela Tiffin Scarlett Hazeltine
¬Arlene Francis Phyllis MacNamara
¬Howard St. John Wendell P. Hazeltine
¬Hanns Lothar Schlemmer
¬Leon Askin Peripetchikoff
¬Ralf Wolter Borodenko
¬Karl Lieffen Fritz (chauffeur
¬Hubert von Meyerinck Count von Droste Schattenburg
¬Lo√Įs Bolton Melanie Hazeltine
¬Peter Capell Mishkin
¬Til Kiwe Reporter
¬Henning Schl√ľter Dr. Bauer
¬Karl Ludwig Lindt Zeidlitz
¬Liselotte Pulver Ingeborg (as Lilo Pulver
¬Christine Allen I
¬John Allen I
¬Ivan Arnold MP corporal (uncredited
¬Klaus Becker I
¬Paul B√∂s Krause (uncredited
¬Max Buchsbaum Tailor (uncredited
¬Werner Buttler East German policeman (uncredited
¬Red Buttons MP sergeant (uncredited
¬Jacques Chevalier I
¬Ingrid DeToro Stewardess (uncredited
¬Siegfrid Dornbusch East German policeman (uncredited
¬Otto Friebel Interrogator (uncredited
¬Werner Hessenland Shoeman (uncredited
¬Frederick Hollander Conductor at Grand Hotel (uncredited
¬Rose Ren√©e Roth Berta (uncredited
¬Helmut Schmid East German policeman (uncredited
¬Abi von Hasse Jeweler (uncredited
¬Jaspar von Oertzen Haberdasher (uncredited


Berlin, after the Second World War: C.R. MacNamara presides over the Coca-Cola branch of Germany. He is working hard and trying his very best to impress the Atlanta headquarters, since he has heard that the European headquarters in London will soon be looking for a new head. Now, Coca-Cola boss Mr. Hazeltine asks MacNamara to take care of his daughter Scarlett, who is going to take a trip to Europe. Scarlett, however, does not behave the way a young respectable girl of her age should: Instead of sightseeing, she goes out until the early morning and has lots of fun. Finally, she falls in love with Otto Piffl, a young man from East Berlin and a flaming Communist, and marries him surprisingly. When MacNamara hears of this, he intrigues quite a bit with the help of his assistant Schlemmer to get Piffl into an East German prison, but when he also gets note of his Boss and wife coming over to visit their daughter in Berlin, he needs to get Piffl out again, convert him to Capitalism and present him as a fine young and noble husband in order to get his London post, and all of that very quick! MacNamara is a managing director for Coca Cola in West Berlin in 1961, just before the Wall is put up. When Scarlett, the daughter of his boss, comes to West Berlin, MacNamara has to look after her, but this turns out to be a difficult task. After MacNamara has found out that Scarlett is seeing an East German communist named Otto, he goes to extreme lengths trying to conceal this from the girl's father in order to save his job. McNamara, Coca Cola's man in Berlin, is landed with minding his boss's southern belle daughter, Scarlett. She secretly marries a good looking communist from the Soviet sector and gets pregnant. McNamara has to repackage Scarlett's husband as a desirable match when her parents arrive unexpectedly. His efforts involve wheeling and dealing with Soviet commissar and police, various Berlin types and his wife, who decides to leave him. The resolution is highly farcial.


I can't really think of anything else to say about "One, Two, Three" that hasn't already been pointed out here. "Hilarious" and "fast-paced" are justly the most used words when it comes to this film. It still stands up after repeated viewings - in fact, it even requires them if you want to catch all the jokes.
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One, Two, Three (1961) - Billy Wilder
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One, Two, Three (1961) - Billy Wilder