Yellowbeard (1983)

Swashbucklers, pirates, public floggings, saucy tarts, beggars, queens, & jolly rogers.

Original Title : Yellowbeard
Director : Mel Damski
Writer : David Sherlock
Graham Chapman
Peter Cook (I)
Bernard McKenna
Genre : Comedy
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : John Daly (III) , Carter DeHaven (III)
Music : John Morris (II)
Photography : Gerry Fisher (I)
IMDB ID : 0086618
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poster for "Yellowbeard" by Mel Damski (1983)
Yellowbeard (1983) - Mel Damski


Graham Chapman Captain Yellowbeard/de: Dotterbart
Peter Boyle I
Cheech Marin El Segundo (as Richard 'Cheech' Marin
Tommy Chong El Nebuloso
Peter Cook I
Marty Feldman Gilbert
Martin Hewitt Dan
Michael Hordern Dr. Gilpin
Eric Idle Commander Clement
Madeline Kahn Betty
James Mason I
John Cleese Harvey 'Blind' Pew
Kenneth Mars Mr. Crisp and Verdugo
Spike Milligan Flunkie
Stacy Nelkin Triola (as Stacey Nelkin
Nigel Planer Mansell
Susannah York Lady Churchill
Beryl Reid Lady Lambourn
Ferdy Mayne Mr. Beamish (as Ferdinand Mayne
John Francis II
Peter Bull I
Bernard Fox I
Ronald Lacey I
Greta Blackburn Mister Prostitute
Nigel Stock I
Kenneth Danziger Mr. Martin
Monte Landis Prison Guard
Richard Wren Pirate
Gillian Eaton Rosie
Bernard McKenna Askey
John Dair Big John
Carlos Romano II
Álvaro Carcaño Beggar
Leopoldo Francés Helmsman (as Leopoldo Frances
Ava Harela Flower Girl
Garry O'Neill Sergeant of the Marines
George Lane Cooper The Shark (uncredited
Michael Mileham The Coxan (uncredited


Yellowbeard, a pirate's pirate, is allowed to escape from prison to lead the authorities to his treasure. He finds that his wife neglected to tell him that he now has a son, 20, and shame of shame, an intellectual. The British Navy, Yellowbeard, his son, and members of Yellowbeard's old crew all go after the treasure.


Python fans might be a little bemused to see Graham Chapman's second solo venture (after the superior 'The Odd Job').Yellowbeard the pirate is a very, very, funny characterisation and Chapman has a ball in the lead.The supporting cast boasts Madeline Kahn, fellow Pythons John Cleese and Eric Idle, Peter Cook, Beryl Reid, Michael Hordern, Marty Feldman (who died during production), David Bowie, James Mason, and Peter Boyle (fun as 'Mr Moon', an obvious reference to Chapman's pal and Who drummer Keith who was originally planned to appear in this and 'The Odd Job').As a plot-driven comedy, it falls pretty short, but has its share of funny and inspired moments (I particularly like the candles in the hair, the man with his foot nailed to the ship's deck, and Peter Bull's turn as Queen Anne).The one element I find out of place is Cheech and Chong, who I simply don't like and can't figure out.Yellowbeard, viewed together with the other Python films, falls short of Life of Brian and Holy Grail, but sits comfortably alongside The Missionary and Jabberwocky.In fact it is probably closer to Jabberwocky than any of the others.A nice touch, too, is that the ship is the MGM Bounty, which has its own associations and memories.Ultimately a nice way to remember the late Python genius.