Erik The Viking (1989)

Be there... or beheaded!

Original Title : Erik the Viking
Director : Terry Jones
Writer : Terry Jones (I)
Genre : Comedy
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Terry Glinwood , John Goldstone (I) , Neville C. Thompson
Music : Neil Innes
Photography : Ian Wilson (II)
IMDB ID : 0097289
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Erik The Viking (1989) - Terry Jones


┬Tim Robbins I
┬Mickey Rooney I
┬Eartha Kitt Freya
┬Terry Jones I
┬Imogen Stubbs Princess Aud
┬John Cleese Halfdan the Black
┬Tsutomu Sekine Slavemaster
┬Antony Sher Loki
┬Gary Cady Keitel Blacksmith
┬Charles McKeown Sven's Dad
┬Tim McInnerny Sven the Berserk
┬John Gordon Sinclair Ivar the Boneless
┬Richard Ridings Thorfinn Skullsplitter
┬Freddie Jones Harald the Missionary
┬Samantha Bond I
┬Danny Schiller Snorri the Miserable
┬Jim Broadbent Ernest the Viking (a Rapist
┬Jim Carter I
┬Matyelok Gibbs Erik's Mum
┬Tilly Vosburgh Unn-the-Thrown-At
┬Jay Simpson Leif the Lucky
┬John Scott Martin Ingemund the Old
┬Sian Thomas Thorhild the Sarcastic
┬Sarah Crowden Grimhild Housewife
┬Bernard Padden Mordfiddle the Cook
┬Bernard Latham Ulf the Unmemorable
┬Julia McCarthy I
┬Allan Surtees Thorfinn's Dad
┬Sandra Voe Ivar's Mum
┬Angela Connolly Thorkatla the Indiscreet
 Leif's Pregnant Girlfriend
┬Andrew MacLachlan Ornulf/Chamberlain/Dog Soldier
┬Tim Killick Bjarni/Halfdan's Guard/Musician
┬Graham McTavish Thangbrand/Citizen/Dog Soldier
┬Cyril Shaps Gisli the Chiseller
┬Peter Geeves Eilif the Mongol Horde/Musician
┬Paddy Joyce Prisoner
┬Colin Harper Prisoner
┬Harry Jones I
┬Barry McCarthy Prisoner
┬Neil Innes Hy-Brasilian
┬Gary Roost Prisoner
┬Simon Evans I
┬Matthew Baker I
┬Dave Duffy Horribly Slain Warrior
┬Frank Bednash Even More Horribly Slain Warrior
┬Charles Simon II
┬Max Votolato Child God (uncredited


Erik the Viking gathers warriors from his village and sets out on a dangerous journey to Valhalla, to ask the gods to end the Age of Ragnorok and allow his people to see sunlight again. A Pythonesque satire of Viking life.


What on earth happened to the rest of the Monty Python's? This is not funny, this is not entertaining, this is not even a B-movie. If you liked the classic Monty Python movies (Life of Brian, Holy Grail), you will hate this one. If you still liked the later, a bit more bizarre ones (Jabberwocky), you will hate this one. And if you like a movie just because it features Terry Jones and John Cleese, well, then you will have the biggest disappointment you can imagine. They do appear, though. But what's missing is a proper plot, a decent soundtrack and production, and any kind of humour that could make you at least smile for one second. This could be a children's story if it wasn't so boring, dull and poor. The pathetic love-story elements are beyond being ridiculous. This is a new dimension of trash, but not an enjoyable one. If you liked anything of what Jones and companions were doing before, do yourself a favour and DON'T watch this movie. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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Erik The Viking (1989) - Terry Jones
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Erik The Viking (1989) - Terry Jones
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351 x 504
Erik The Viking (1989) - Terry Jones
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Erik The Viking (1989) - Terry Jones